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Flow and Progress or Vain Imaginations

Vain imaginations. Images of no value. That’s what standing between you and your progress. Vain imaginations. That’s what’s standing between you and growth. That’s what standing between you and your dreams.
Vain imaginations keep you out of the flow of the infinite abundance of the universe. Why? Because vain imaginations are out of sync with the universe. Images of no value have no place in the universe. They exist in your mind and are not a match with the reality of the is. Your images of no value don’t mesh with the world out there. Because of this they just do not work. Images of no value have no value. And because of this they need to be cast down.
No value has no value. Images of no value have no value to you and your life. Images of no value are not in sync with your life and circumstances. They are thoughts that are stumbling blocks and walls. Positive good. Negative bad. Positive useful. Negative problematic. Positive valuable. Negative toxic.
Your images of no value, images of negation or nonexistence literally have no existence or reality other than in your own consciousness and do not belong there. They are of what does not and can never exist. Black holes that suck life and value from you.
Your life is mostly built on vain imaginations. Your consciousness is mostly images of no value. MOSTLY BUILT ON IMAGES OF NOTHNGNESS. Images of the negative. Not this and not that, isn’t, aren’t, not can’t. And you wonder why you aren’t further and higher. Which by the way are just more images of nonexistence!
Building on an imaginary and nonexistent foundation is the utmost in foolishness. You would agree? Building on a foundation that exists only in your mind is courting disaster. And you are building your life on a consciousness composed mostly of elements of the negative, negation, nonexistence.
Wake up! Cast down images of no value. And walk away from them and leave them to dies. As they surely will only as the only life they have is the life they suck from you.
Unto he who has more will be given and from he who has not what he does have will be taken away. How can what he has be taken from he who doesn’t have? Because he did have. His not having was a vain imagination existing only in his consciousness. Unto him who thinks of himself as having more will be given and he who doesn’t appreciate what he has, he who is more focused on his images of not having he will lose what he does have. Which is more in alignment with his consciousness of not having.
When you are in flow all images of no value are cast aside and forgotten. When you are in flow things move with ease and all is well. Al is truly well. Nothing has changed except your consciousness. You are much too engaged in the present to create images of the negative. All images of the not have receded into the nothingness that they are and the nothingness where they belong. All the images that are out of sync with reality, all images that are out of sync with the universe and, therefore, stumbling blocks to growth, prosperity and success are no more. Thoughts of nothingness are replaced with total isness consciousness.
All that’s getting in your way is nothing. NOTHING. Nothing is getting in your way. Nothing is holding you back. Nothing is keeping you down. NOTHING. Your images of nothing. You r perceptions of nothing. That’s it. Nothing is out of sync with the reality of the isness of the universe. It is images of nonexistence-your images of nonexistence-that keep from joy, peace, happiness and total abundance. Flow is the fullness of the now. Void of vain imaginations. Fullness of the now and fullness of existence. Fullness of existence results in an experience of expansion and growth. Consciousness of negation is a black hole that sucks experiencing even more.
Our experience of the is expands as our consciousness of nonexistence recedes. Existence is all that there is. Existence is all that exists. All nonexistence – negation – exists only in our minds. That is the only place that it can exist. The universe is 100% totally and absolutely positive.
Cast down vain imaginations. No more worries or fears. Refuse to see the darkness of nonexistence anywhere. Reject politicians who manipulate you with images of nonexistence: images of nonwealth, nonability, nonequality, nonprosperity. All of their programs based on nonexistence can only drag us down. Accepting there images of nonexistence will drag down your consciousness. Beware the news media. Their stock in trade is what’s not. The prosperity and wealth that is not, the health and vitality that is not, the ability that is not. All about the not. One big dark black hole that will suck away youir experience of the all positive is.
Realize. Appreciate. Celebrate. Enjoy. Rejoice. LAUGH!


Your Independence

People tend to live up to our expectations of them. Studies have shown that when teachers are told that  their class is all very gifted, those students perform well above average. And when told that their students are a bit slow, the students live down to that teacher’s expectation.

How do you see yourself? And are you buying other people’s judgments and expectations of you? People tend to live up to how we see and how we treat them. We have been seeing and then treating Americans as less than capable, powerful and independent. This trend has progressively accelerated over the past 50 years. And we are experiencing the results. The majority of people have bought into this horrendous lie.

We are now two Americas. Living side by side.Those who have bought into the lie and those who have escaped the trap. Those who are living gray lives of struggle and quiet desperation

Declare your independence. And bring some people with you.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Live, laugh, create, grow, love, rejoice, enjoy.

Raging Against the Negative

You can rage against the negative – the fasted growing American pastime. Or you can appreciate the positive. You can create, thereby expanding the is, creating a greater reality. Or you can fight to solve problems which is fighting against the negative. Thereby expanding the experience of he negative.

More of the good stuff. Or a greater experience of struggle, hardship, anxiety, fear and unhappiness. Is their really any choice?

What is is the way it really is. What isn’t is a product of the ego. Your wildest dreams are part of the is. Your worries and fears are of the isn’t.

Observation is power. Observation always leads to appreciation. Judgment is weakness.

Appreciate. Enjoy. Be grateful. Cast down images of no value, negation, the negative. Create. Love. Laugh. Dance. Rejoice.. Enjou.

Talk Is Cheap

So why not choose the very best speech. You may not yet be able to see how to have the very best house, car, art, furniture or jewelry. The finest restaurants, wine, hotel and resorts may be out of your reach. But right now you can choose the finest way of speaking, the very best words. No charge. Absolutely free.
You can use your words to encourage and lift yourself and others. Gratitude and appreciation. Sometimes just a hello to a stranger. My offices are on the twelfth floor. I ride the elevator several times a day and always make an effort to say hello to a fellow passenger and to say something pleasant. In that brief encounter I am able to add some value to another person’s day with no cost. And I end up feeling even better. I usually tell a waiter/waitress “thanks for taking such good care of us”. Don’t be afraid to speak blessing into other people’s lives.
And cut the crap. Don’t bring ugly and vile stuff into your experience with your words. All too often I overhear people throwing excrement into their conversations and their experience. Such as “I have so much s***(excrement) to pack for my trip” or “I have to clean of my desk. There is so much excrement on it”. Really? What kind of person throws fecal matter into the face of family and friends. And people wonder why their lives are so…. crappy. This kind of talk used to be very rare. Now it is all too prevalent. Just this morning I heard a women on this street tell her friend that she had been watching videos and s***. I guess she should get credit for realizing that what she was watching was worthless.
Words have a power and an energy. The thing to get is in this one case the finest cost no more than lowest, ugliest and worst. Where else can you get such a deal?
Words run the world. Choose words of beauty and grace. Choose words of prosperity, success, wealth and abundance. Choose words of health and vitality. Kindness, love and compassion. Speak love and appreciation. Speak encouragement. Choose life.
Choose words of realization and appreciation. Realize and appreciate the goodness and light all around you. Encourage it and experience it. Allow it to expand. Speak it. Be it.
Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is. Align your thought s, words and action with the reality of the universe.
Appreciate, give thanks, create, love, live, laugh, enjoy, rejoice.

Success Is True

Success is always a matter of aligning with the positive. That is why a positive outlook and mindset is conducive to success and happiness while a negative consciousness leads to stagnation, failure, frustration and decline. The positive works. It doesn’t just sound better it works.
Success is a result of aligning your thoughts and actions with reality. Success is a matter of getting it right. Even when you are doing wrong. Success, all success, is a function of being in sync with the is that is the universe. Being in alignment with the universe. What is the universe? All that is is the universe. The universe is the totality of all that is.
That includes a whole lot. Everything. From galaxies to the specks of dust floating about your head. There is room in the universe for everything. Elephants and whales, houses and skyscrapers, planets, stars, planets and entire galaxies. There is one thing and only one thing that cannot fit in the is-ness of the universe. The isn’t. The negative. The nonexistent.
Even with no mass and no volume, there is no room in the infinitely vast universe for the negative. There is no room in the is for any isn’t. There is no negative in reality. There is no nonexistence in existence. The negative, the isn’t, the nonexistent can only exist in the mind and consciousness of man. A creation of his ego after it compares what is to what it expects.
All isn’ts are just ego judgments. The ego’s attempt to grapple with reality vis-à-vis its own expectations. The negative is the nonexistence of something or other and nonexistence does not exist. The negative is the negation of value and, as such, is worthless. It gums up the works of your mind and consciousness. Get rid of all your perceptions of nonexistence and you will soar.
We are living in a world that is being sucked into the vortex of negativity. It’s all about the not and the isn’t. Our governments are spending trillions of dollars fighting the isn’t, the nonexistent. Utter foolishness. We need to realize, appreciate and celebrate the is. We need to celebrate blessings. And watch them expand.
What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Observation leads to appreciation. Judgment is weakness. Judgment creates the negative.
Realize. Appreciation. Celebrate. Live. Love. Create. Laugh. Enjoy. Rejoice.

A Blue Jean Life

Life is like a pair of jeans. It only expands when you are actually in it! Take a pair of jeans out of the dryer. You’ll find them a bit snug. After a few wearings, you’ll find them somewhat looser. Filling them up and pushing against them caused them to expand.

Are you wearing your life? How much time do you spend in the here and now? Too much time daydreaming. Worrying about the future. Reliving the past. Not here, not now. Not in your life. Maybe like to wear other people’s lives? Celebrities and such. Not your life. Get back home. Only by living your life will it expand.

All power is in the now. There are only two times. Now and not now. Not now is any time in the past or future. And not now does not exist. Not now is the negation or nonexistence of now. And nonexistence does not exist. It can only be perceived.

Take back your power. Here and now. If you do, theirs is no stopping you. Get in your life and stretch it to the farthest reaches of the universe.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. Judge not lest you live life filtered through your judgments.

Observe (one can only observe the positive, the is). Realize (one can only realize the real, that which is). Appreciate. Celebrate. Create. Contribute. Enjoy. Love. Laugh. Rejoice.

Problems or Realizations

We live in a world increasingly about problems. Focusing on problems. Trying to solve problems. And experiencing problems. Particularly experiencing problems.

A greater experiencing of problems because of the focus on problems. Seemingly more problems because of the attempt to solve “problems”.

Problems aren’t solved. Only exacerbated. The key to a better life isn’t solving problems but expanding existence. Allowing a bigger, greater existence to manifest..Realizing and appreciating blessings. Expansion of the experiencing the good stuff.

Consider people who are fighting against being overweight. They are perpetually doing so. Never seems to work. Lose, gain, lose, gain, lose, gain. Net gain. Then start all over again. A whole other paradigm is the person who decides to increase his level of health and fitness. The pounds melt away.

There are so many focused on poverty and hardship. Fighting against it. Harping on it. Getting indignant about it. These people are dangerous. Problem obsession is counterproductive. It only reinforces the consciousness that created the “problem” in the first place.The choice is to give weight to “poverty” or to appreciate and celebrate wealth.

Focusing on or fighting against the isn’t only reinforces and gives validity to the isn’t, what isn’t, the negative. The negative cannot be destroyed. It cannot be diminished. The only way is to realize, appreciate, celebrate and magnify the reality of the positive.

Everything that you see in the news (if you waste your time so) is a celebration of the negative. The wealth and wellbeing that is not. The peace and joy that is not. A total focus on and energizing of the nonexistent.

The only choice at any given moment is to experience the isn’t that  is created by your ego. And then give it life that is a drag on your life. Or to live in realization, appreciation and celebration of what is. A contracted life or an expanded life.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power.. Judgment is weakness.

Realize, appreciate, celebrate, create, give, love, laugh, enjoy and rejoice.