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Truth Alignment IS Success

All success comes from alignment with the truth. All success from getting to work on time to building an international business empire come from thinking and acting in alignment with the truth. Baking a good batch of cookies or climbing Mt. Everest. Even successfully telling a lie requires aligning yourself with the truth about who will believe what and in what manner told.
What is truth? What is is truth. Truth is the IS. The is that we seen, the is that we hold and the is that we can imagine. That includes a lot. It does not and cannot include the isn’t, the is not. The is not is not. All your negative thoughts are garbage that you make up. Garbage that gets in the way of your success and growth.
More and more people are getting more and more sucked into the vortex of the negative. Don’t have this and don’t have that. Do you realize that people actually whine and throw a tantrum because somebody will not bake them a cake! Such a society is on its last legs. We were once a people who braved and triumphed on a wild and hostile continent. Great victory and unprecedented success. How things have changed!
What is is the way it really is. Duality is dead. Long live existence. Existence and only existence exists. What doesn’t exist doesn’t exist. What doesn’t exist is not real and not true.
Light is. Strength is. Ability is. Vitality is. Wealth is. The rest is an imagined lie.
Happiness is true.
What is is the way it really is. Get absorbed in that. Miracles actually happen there. My experience. Let go of the duality. All is well.
What is is the way it really is. Observation and appreciation is power. Judgment is weakness.
Whine and decline. Praise and be raises.
Live, love, laugh, appreciate, give thanks, create, give, enjoy, rejoice, prosper, succeed.


Livng In The Real World

When trying to offer encouragement I am met with the objection “I have to live in the real world”.

That’s exactly the spot that I occupy. All worries, fears, doubts and frustrations are idea, thought. All of them. They are in your head. Every single worry and fear. They live in your head. Created, entertained and fed by you.

“Not gonna have enough to pay the rent this month”. An idea. Just like “I will have more than enough”.

The very idea of “debt” is just that, an idea, a concept. They money in your pocket is real. The debt that worry about is a concept. Yes, some day arrive at your door in a thoroughly unpleasant manner. But until then it is an idea. The idea that you will get through it with flying colores is a much more appealing idea and will serve you so much better.

All worry and fear are ideas, thoughts. Not real things. They are created and kept alive by your mind. And they get in the way of your peace, progress, growth, success and prospering.

The real world is totally positive. The universe is totally, absolutely 100% positive. And the more you align yourself with that fact the better off you will be. Aligning with the truth is the way to grater success and happiness.

All negativity, all negation, is made up by the human mind. Negation exists only in the mind, a creation of the ego.

What is is the way it really is. The universe, the world, is one big collection of is. The universe is all that there is. All that there is makes up the universe. There is no isn’t in the universe. There is no room in the great IS for any isn’t. None. With no mass, no volume and no energy negation cannot fit into the extraordinarily vast universe.

All of you negative thoughts are out of place in the real world. And are just holding you back.

What is is the way it really is. Observation and appreciation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Live, love, laugh, create, give, enjoy, rejoice.

365 Days of IS

A new year. A whole year of is in front of you. Untouched by your ego and its judgments. All positive.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness, The universe is absolutely, totally 100% positive. There is no isn’t in the is that is the universe. he universe is all that is. All that is is the universe. There is no room in that for any isn’t. There is no isnt’t in all of existence. Only in your mind. There is no negation in realty. It is only a concept

Here’s to your realizing all the positive in your life. Here’s to your embracing all the blessings constantly flowing into your life. Here’s to your appreciating all that is. And casting down and abandoning your imaginings of nonvalue, nonexistence, negation. Here’s to your abandoning the negative. It is truly all good. God is and is the Creator of the is and not the isn’t. The isn’t is your deal, your own dark world.

What is is the way it really is. Observation and appreciation are power. Judgment is weakness.

Realize, appreciate, give thanks. Live, love, laugh, create, enjoy, rejoice.

Occupy the Space

Where are you? Are you in the power seat? Or have you abdicated?
Power is in the here and now. Are you there? Fully?
Most people spend very little time there. They are in the past or the future. They are in the isn’t and out of sync with the infinite abundance of the universe.
You need to occupy the space. The space of the here and now. Be present. Be aware. Be aware of the is. Being aware of the is opens you to the pwereful energy of joy and appreciation. Whining about your ego-created isn’t saps you of power.
Fully occupying the is and filling that space cause it to expand. Being off in some other place causes the is around you to contract. Resulting in the experience of lack.
HereNow is the driver’s seat of life. Being in the past is like sitting on the trunk of a car. Thinking abouty the future is like sitting on the hood. Either way you are not going anywhere and if you do want to get somewhere, you open yourself to frustration and unhappiness. Get in the driver’ seat. Be HereNow.
Most people live in the consciousness of their ego-created isn’t. Don’t have this, don’t have that. Can’t do this, Can’t do that. Am not this, am not that. All BS lies. Only the is is. Only the is is truth.
If you want your experience of the is to expand, then experience the is and forget the is not. What is? Wealth is. Poverty and lack are not. They are the not, the negation, the nonexistence of wealth. Vitality is. Sickness is the perceived lack of vitality and wholeness. The negation or nonexistence of vitality. Revel in and use what you do have and your experience of the is will expand. Light exists and is real. Darkness does not exist. It is only the perceived relative nonexistence or negation of light. And, as such does not exist.
What is is the way it really is. The universe is totally, absolutely 100% positive. Your perception and, therefore, experience of it is not.
God is and created the is. He created the is and not the isn’t. The isn’t is man’s creation. Whenever you go off into the isn’t you are off on your own. You are in a darkness of your own creation. Not a good place.
What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.It is the ego’s judgment that creates the negative. And the more educated and sophisticated you are the more analytical you tend to be and the more isn’t you are prone to create. Be like a child to enter the kingdom. Awe, appreciation and wonder.
Observation leads to appreciation leads to expansion. Judgment brings contraction, stagnation and decline. And all is still good.
Observe, appreciate, enjoy, love, create, love, live, laugh, love, enjoy, rejoice.

Winner or Whiner

The choice is yours. At every moment. Winner or whiner. Growth or stagnation.

Realization, appreciation and action. Or darkness consciousness and the attendant results.
Light or darkness. The “loser” is darkness conscious. And darkness literally and absolutely does not exist. The whiner is consciousness of the negative. The whiner is conscious of his own ego generated negation. Always whining and sadness is the product of being conscious of negation. All whining, complaining and sadness is consciousness of the nonexistent.
You can only be sad or worried about value that you imagine does not exist. And the nonexistent, by definition, does not and cannot exist. Worried about being sick? You are worried about the nonexistence of adequate health. You do NOW have health. There is only light. Health is an avatar of light. Sickness is an avatar of darkness. Darkness does not exist. But tumor are real. Are they not? Sure. But the nonexistence of its disappearance does not exist. The nonexistence of the immune response to get rid of it does not exist. The nonexistence of a vibrant future does not exist and can only be imagined and worried about.
Sure bills exist. But the negation of your paying them does not exist and can only be imagined and worried about. Not being able to handle one’s bill is an avatar of darkness. And darkness absolutely and literally does not exist.

Fact: The winner realizes and appreciates the assets, tangible and abstract, that he does have. And operates on that consciousness. The winner instinctively casts down image of nonvalue. The loser whiner clings to his ego’s creation of imagined negation.
It’s very simple. Negation does not exist. Attempting to build one’s day, one’s future, one’s life on what does not exist is folly in the extreme. Building on an imagined foundation is nuts. What you build on an imagined foundation will soon collapse.

Worry, fear, whining are the hallmarks of a loser. And all for nothing. One only worries, fears and whines about nonvalue. One can only worry, fear and whine about what does not exist.
The good news for you. KInda. Is that we have been shifting more and more to a society of whiners. It will, therefore, be a breeze for you to rise to the top. The competition is taking themselves out.

What is is the way it really is. Observation Is power. Judgment is weakness.
Realize, appreciate, be grateful, enjoy, rejoice, WIN. Repeat.

In-Control Victim

Your personality creates your personal reality. Most people allow their personal reality to control their personality. Which continues to perpetuate their personal reality.

Stop the insanity. Break the cycle. If you want to change your personal reality – your circumstance – you MUST change your personality. If you want a better reality, you must become the person that you want to be. Ahead of the actual “real world” experience.

Be cause rather than at effect.

You’ll be happy and of an expansive personality when things work out, when you achieve success. WRONG. Be it now. NOW. It’s now or never. Now is all there is.

Be Here Now!

It’s all good. What is is the way it really is. Only assets and value IS. Get it. The bad stuff is your judgment. Not having is the nonexistence of having and does not exist. Despite what you friends, media or politicians want you to believe. Only is is.

Reject the victim mentality in yourself. Do not encourage or empower victimhood in others. Don’t help others destroy themselves.

Realization is power. Observation is power. Appreciation is success. Judgment is weakness.

Realize, appreciate, give thanks. Live, love, laugh, produce, enjoy, rejoice.


Choose Now

At every moment you have one choice. Appreciation and light. Or complaining and darkness. A step forward. Or stagnation.

There are people whose whole lives are ingratitude expressed appearing as avatars of resentment, jealousy, envy, bitterness, blame, dissatisfaction, yaydayadayadyadayada. And then they look at who to blame for their mess. Which just perpetuates the cycle.

So NOW be grateful. Have an orgy of appreciation. NOW


What is is the way it really is. Observation is growth. Judgment is dissatisfaction and decline.

Appreciate, radiate, enjoy, love, laugh, rejoice.