Remain or Be Raised

Remain or Be Raised?

Your choice.

“Complain and remain. Praise and be raised.” Joyce Myer

Complain and remain where you are. Or appreciate and praise and advance onward and upward. It is not where you are but the direction in which you are moving. But reality is in constant flux rather than static. Complain and don’t count on remaining for long. Complain and watch yourself slip downward and backward.

Praise and be raised. Realize, appreciate and revel in gratitude. Realize how much you have and praise God for your blessings. You do have wealth. Be grateful for it. You do have health and vitality, if you are drawing breath. Celebrate your health. Celebrate your ability, your talent, your accomplishments.

Complain and remain (for a while). We live in a culture more and more given to complaining. Nobody has enough. People even encourage others to complain and make a career of it. Imagine making a career of enabling and encouraging complaining and ingratitude. Can there be a greater sin than that? Destroying people by getting them to complain even more just for the sake of your own power and financial gain.

Praise and be raised. Realization of all that you have. Appreciation and gratitude. The result is joy and peace. The result is vibrating at a higher frequency that will attract even more abundance, vitality and every other kind of blessing into your experience. Whine and complain then watch your experience of misfortune be amplified.

You live in an abundant universe. A universe with absolutely no lack. Totally, absolutely 100% positive. Get your consciousness in sync with that infinite abundance. Get in sync with the abundance that is. Get in sync and experience that abundance in your own life.

What is is the way is really is. And is is all there is. There is no isn’t in the great is that is the universe.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Because righteous observation leads to appreciation, gratitude, praise and JOY. Judgment is weakness. Judgment is about the not. And the only not is the product of your ego and is out of sync with the is that is reality.

Observe, appreciate, praise, live, love, laugh, create, enjoy, rejoice. Expand.

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