Your Independence

People tend to live up to our expectations of them. Studies have shown that when teachers are told that  their class is all very gifted, those students perform well above average. And when told that their students are a bit slow, the students live down to that teacher’s expectation.

How do you see yourself? And are you buying other people’s judgments and expectations of you? People tend to live up to how we see and how we treat them. We have been seeing and then treating Americans as less than capable, powerful and independent. This trend has progressively accelerated over the past 50 years. And we are experiencing the results. The majority of people have bought into this horrendous lie.

We are now two Americas. Living side by side.Those who have bought into the lie and those who have escaped the trap. Those who are living gray lives of struggle and quiet desperation

Declare your independence. And bring some people with you.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Live, laugh, create, grow, love, rejoice, enjoy.

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