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Judgement Sucks

Judgment sucks the bright light of the positive into the dark black hole of the negative.

Judgment sucks the is into the black hole of nothingness.

Judgment sucks light into the black hole of darkness.

Judgment sucks wealth into the black hole of poverty.

Judgment sucks potential into the black hole of frustration.

Judgment sucks vitality into the black hole of infirmity.

Judgment sucks joy into the black hole of worry, fear and anxiety.

Judgment sucks realization, appreciation and gratitude into the black hole of nothingness.

It is realization, appreciation and gratitude that drives success, progress and growth.

Judgment sucks success, progress and growth into the black hole of nothingness.

Judgment creates the negative. Which does not and cannot exist.

The negative is negation or nonexistence. The negative is the negation or nonexistence of something.

Judge not lest you bring that judgment upon you. Judge not lest you live a life filtered through and limited by your judgments.

Judge not lest you bring the destructive negative into your life and experiences.

Judge not lest you filer all the blessings flowing into your life and divert them into the black hole of nothingness.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Light and only light exists. Darkness is the perceived relative nonexistence of light. Darkness is the product of judgment. Not as light as you thought it would be, think it should be or used to be at another time or place. Not as light as it could be. As you want to be. As you plan to make it. But light nonetheless. There is light. Light is.

It is dark because of your judgment, evaluation, perception. Even if there is absolute absence of light, it is nonexistence perceived. But nonexistence nonetheless.

Light and only light exists. Darkness is nonexistence perceived. Judgment. In the same way there is only wealth. Poverty is another avatar of darkness. Which does not exist. Poverty is judging not what I think should be, not what could be, not what used to be.

Only the positive exists. The negative is the nonexistence of the positive. And does not exist.

Judgment creates the negative and is a drag on success, prosperity, success and growth.

(What about murder, theft, lies, cheating, assault and battery? Don’t judge wrong doing? These have already been judged by God to be evil. No further judgment required.)

It is is aligning with the positive that drives success, progress, growth and prosperity. Aligning with the is. The negative is nonexistence and as such has no energy, no power, no volume and no mass. The negative is by its very nature nothingness. It has nothing to give. It sucks energy and power out of your life. It is no value. None. It sucks value out of your life. It destroys life and value.

Value and only value exists.  Energy, vitality, resources, goods, wealth. Realize the is. Appreciate the is. Grow from there.

You can experience exponential growth and success once the judgment stops and the appreciation flourishes.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.


Flow and Progress or Vain Imaginations

Vain imaginations. Images of no value. That’s what standing between you and your progress. Vain imaginations. That’s what’s standing between you and growth. That’s what standing between you and your dreams.
Vain imaginations keep you out of the flow of the infinite abundance of the universe. Why? Because vain imaginations are out of sync with the universe. Images of no value have no place in the universe. They exist in your mind and are not a match with the reality of the is. Your images of no value don’t mesh with the world out there. Because of this they just do not work. Images of no value have no value. And because of this they need to be cast down.
No value has no value. Images of no value have no value to you and your life. Images of no value are not in sync with your life and circumstances. They are thoughts that are stumbling blocks and walls. Positive good. Negative bad. Positive useful. Negative problematic. Positive valuable. Negative toxic.
Your images of no value, images of negation or nonexistence literally have no existence or reality other than in your own consciousness and do not belong there. They are of what does not and can never exist. Black holes that suck life and value from you.
Your life is mostly built on vain imaginations. Your consciousness is mostly images of no value. MOSTLY BUILT ON IMAGES OF NOTHNGNESS. Images of the negative. Not this and not that, isn’t, aren’t, not can’t. And you wonder why you aren’t further and higher. Which by the way are just more images of nonexistence!
Building on an imaginary and nonexistent foundation is the utmost in foolishness. You would agree? Building on a foundation that exists only in your mind is courting disaster. And you are building your life on a consciousness composed mostly of elements of the negative, negation, nonexistence.
Wake up! Cast down images of no value. And walk away from them and leave them to dies. As they surely will only as the only life they have is the life they suck from you.
Unto he who has more will be given and from he who has not what he does have will be taken away. How can what he has be taken from he who doesn’t have? Because he did have. His not having was a vain imagination existing only in his consciousness. Unto him who thinks of himself as having more will be given and he who doesn’t appreciate what he has, he who is more focused on his images of not having he will lose what he does have. Which is more in alignment with his consciousness of not having.
When you are in flow all images of no value are cast aside and forgotten. When you are in flow things move with ease and all is well. Al is truly well. Nothing has changed except your consciousness. You are much too engaged in the present to create images of the negative. All images of the not have receded into the nothingness that they are and the nothingness where they belong. All the images that are out of sync with reality, all images that are out of sync with the universe and, therefore, stumbling blocks to growth, prosperity and success are no more. Thoughts of nothingness are replaced with total isness consciousness.
All that’s getting in your way is nothing. NOTHING. Nothing is getting in your way. Nothing is holding you back. Nothing is keeping you down. NOTHING. Your images of nothing. You r perceptions of nothing. That’s it. Nothing is out of sync with the reality of the isness of the universe. It is images of nonexistence-your images of nonexistence-that keep from joy, peace, happiness and total abundance. Flow is the fullness of the now. Void of vain imaginations. Fullness of the now and fullness of existence. Fullness of existence results in an experience of expansion and growth. Consciousness of negation is a black hole that sucks experiencing even more.
Our experience of the is expands as our consciousness of nonexistence recedes. Existence is all that there is. Existence is all that exists. All nonexistence – negation – exists only in our minds. That is the only place that it can exist. The universe is 100% totally and absolutely positive.
Cast down vain imaginations. No more worries or fears. Refuse to see the darkness of nonexistence anywhere. Reject politicians who manipulate you with images of nonexistence: images of nonwealth, nonability, nonequality, nonprosperity. All of their programs based on nonexistence can only drag us down. Accepting there images of nonexistence will drag down your consciousness. Beware the news media. Their stock in trade is what’s not. The prosperity and wealth that is not, the health and vitality that is not, the ability that is not. All about the not. One big dark black hole that will suck away youir experience of the all positive is.
Realize. Appreciate. Celebrate. Enjoy. Rejoice. LAUGH!

Loaves and Fishes: Nickels and Dimes

You’re familiar with the story of Jesus feeding thousands with the bread and fish of one person’s lunch. Even more mind blowing is that after everybody had had their fill, they ended up with more than they started with. Leftovers in abundance. Jesus said that we would do even greater works. Here is the formula for abundance,

He never saw it not being enough. Surely his disciples, as would everybody else, saw “isn’t enough” and “isn’t going to work”. Jesus never saw the isn’t. He saw the is. He saw what was. He saw the truth. Which was? We have bread, we have fish, we have guests to serve, let’s get to work.

The formula for success. The formula for prosperity. The prosperity for growth and expansion. Appreciating the is. Appreciating assets. Casting aside all vain images. Images of no value. Images of nonexistence. Images of the negative. Can’t and don’t have are not real. Stop your whining and get on with it.

Loaves and fishes, nickels and dimes, tens, hundreds, thousands of dollars. Realize, appreciate, and oh yeah, BLESS-speak well of. Action was, and still is, a also a necessary component. The miraculous multiplication only occurred as the food was distributed and not before. Action based on faith that it will work.

Realize that you have. Appreciate what you have. Celebrate what you have. Bless what you have. Act on what you have and where you want to be, what you want to achieve.

The key is to drop the perceptions of nonexistence. Nonexistence just doesn’t exist. It can be perceived and then experienced. Your choice. A foolish choice because it isn’t and will hold you back and bring you down. And still it’s all 100% good. Because only the positive exists. Negation can only be imagined.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

What is is the way it really is. Resist the world’s push to the negative, the dark side.

Realize, appreciate, celebrate, create, contribute, love, laugh, enjoy, rejoice

Resistance Is Futile

Any attempt to resist or fight poverty and hardship will only intensify the experience of poverty and hardship. All that there is is wealth and abundance. All that there is is having and the experience and  consciousness of not having. When you are cold you don’t try to take away the cold. It canNOT be done. The only solution is to increase the heat. Heat exists. Cold does not. Cold can be experienced. And all that “cold” can ever be is less heat than we would like or expect.

Darkness does not exist. There is only light. Darkness is the perceived relative nonexistence of light. Wealth is real. GET THAT! Your future depends on it. Achieving your dreams depends on it. You can move in the light or fight the darkness.

Become conscious of wealth. All around you. All that there is is Our society is sinking in an accelerating focus on poverty and hardship. And then acting on and living in that consciousness. It is the dominant consciousness and mindset. Never before have so many had so much and been less grateful.

Struggle against darkness or realize and revel in the light. All that there is is light. Light has many avatars. Wealth. Health. Strength. Energy. Love.

Resist the pull of poverty consciousness and those who are promoting it for their own power. Resist those who would manipulate you to your own destruction.

Turn toward the light. See your having. Not having is the negation or nonexistence of having. Anf nonexistence does not and, indeed, cannot exist. There is only having.

Learn it. Love it. Live it. Experience it.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

What is is the way it really is. What is and not what is not.

Live, love, create, give, laugh, enjoy, rejoice.

Truth Alignment IS Success

All success comes from alignment with the truth. All success from getting to work on time to building an international business empire come from thinking and acting in alignment with the truth. Baking a good batch of cookies or climbing Mt. Everest. Even successfully telling a lie requires aligning yourself with the truth about who will believe what and in what manner told.
What is truth? What is is truth. Truth is the IS. The is that we seen, the is that we hold and the is that we can imagine. That includes a lot. It does not and cannot include the isn’t, the is not. The is not is not. All your negative thoughts are garbage that you make up. Garbage that gets in the way of your success and growth.
More and more people are getting more and more sucked into the vortex of the negative. Don’t have this and don’t have that. Do you realize that people actually whine and throw a tantrum because somebody will not bake them a cake! Such a society is on its last legs. We were once a people who braved and triumphed on a wild and hostile continent. Great victory and unprecedented success. How things have changed!
What is is the way it really is. Duality is dead. Long live existence. Existence and only existence exists. What doesn’t exist doesn’t exist. What doesn’t exist is not real and not true.
Light is. Strength is. Ability is. Vitality is. Wealth is. The rest is an imagined lie.
Happiness is true.
What is is the way it really is. Get absorbed in that. Miracles actually happen there. My experience. Let go of the duality. All is well.
What is is the way it really is. Observation and appreciation is power. Judgment is weakness.
Whine and decline. Praise and be raises.
Live, love, laugh, appreciate, give thanks, create, give, enjoy, rejoice, prosper, succeed.

The Power Point

From the now you can get anywhere and achieve anything. Most people spend most of their time elsewhere.  Worried about the future. Planning the future. Reliving the past with either regrets or satisfaction.

Now. That is all that there is. Actually there are only two times. Now and not now. Not now includes everything from a minute ago to a year ago all the way through to the beginning of time. Not now is the is the negation of now. Not now is the nonexistence of now. And nonexistence does not exist. Existence and only existence exists. Nonexistence can only being imagined and then experienced. In this way not now does not exist. In this way only now exists. In this way there is only one time: NOW.

All power is in the now. Makes perfect sense. Only now is real. Spending time in the nonexistent is a power drain.

Start where you are (Now). Use what you have. Do what you can.

All three are positive. All three pull away from the dark, worthless destructive nonexistent. Sart where you are. Don’t fret about where you are not. Don’t concerned yourself with the nonexistence of where you are.

Use what you have. Rather than drag yourself down with images of nonexistence of having. You have what you have. That is reality and powerful. Images of what you perceive yourself not having are merely useless imagined destructive perceptions-vain imaginations. Worthless images. Images of no value. Images that are a liability in your quest for progress, growth, prosperity and joy.

Do what you can. What you can’t is not real but only imagined nonexistence. What you can’t is only the imagined nonexistence of can.

The success formula, start, use, do- is all positive. It separates you from the imagined darkness of the nonexistent. Aligning yourself and your life with the is aligns you with the universe which is the is. The universe is the totality of all that there is. All the is makes up the universe. Success is a function if being in sync with the universe.

Success is being in sync with the infinitely abundant universe.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. Judgment of your circumstances is the source of the negative. The deadly, destructive dark negative. Light and only light exists, There is no darkness. Only light. Darkness is only the perceived relative nonexistence of light. And nonexistence does not exist. So the nonexistence of light does not exist.

Realization and appreciation is the key. One can only realize and appreciate the is, the positive.

Realize, appreciate, grown, create, give, love, laugh, rejoice, enjoy.

Livng In The Real World

When trying to offer encouragement I am met with the objection “I have to live in the real world”.

That’s exactly the spot that I occupy. All worries, fears, doubts and frustrations are idea, thought. All of them. They are in your head. Every single worry and fear. They live in your head. Created, entertained and fed by you.

“Not gonna have enough to pay the rent this month”. An idea. Just like “I will have more than enough”.

The very idea of “debt” is just that, an idea, a concept. They money in your pocket is real. The debt that worry about is a concept. Yes, some day arrive at your door in a thoroughly unpleasant manner. But until then it is an idea. The idea that you will get through it with flying colores is a much more appealing idea and will serve you so much better.

All worry and fear are ideas, thoughts. Not real things. They are created and kept alive by your mind. And they get in the way of your peace, progress, growth, success and prospering.

The real world is totally positive. The universe is totally, absolutely 100% positive. And the more you align yourself with that fact the better off you will be. Aligning with the truth is the way to grater success and happiness.

All negativity, all negation, is made up by the human mind. Negation exists only in the mind, a creation of the ego.

What is is the way it really is. The universe, the world, is one big collection of is. The universe is all that there is. All that there is makes up the universe. There is no isn’t in the universe. There is no room in the great IS for any isn’t. None. With no mass, no volume and no energy negation cannot fit into the extraordinarily vast universe.

All of you negative thoughts are out of place in the real world. And are just holding you back.

What is is the way it really is. Observation and appreciation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Live, love, laugh, create, give, enjoy, rejoice.