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Judgement Sucks

Judgment sucks the bright light of the positive into the dark black hole of the negative.

Judgment sucks the is into the black hole of nothingness.

Judgment sucks light into the black hole of darkness.

Judgment sucks wealth into the black hole of poverty.

Judgment sucks potential into the black hole of frustration.

Judgment sucks vitality into the black hole of infirmity.

Judgment sucks joy into the black hole of worry, fear and anxiety.

Judgment sucks realization, appreciation and gratitude into the black hole of nothingness.

It is realization, appreciation and gratitude that drives success, progress and growth.

Judgment sucks success, progress and growth into the black hole of nothingness.

Judgment creates the negative. Which does not and cannot exist.

The negative is negation or nonexistence. The negative is the negation or nonexistence of something.

Judge not lest you bring that judgment upon you. Judge not lest you live a life filtered through and limited by your judgments.

Judge not lest you bring the destructive negative into your life and experiences.

Judge not lest you filer all the blessings flowing into your life and divert them into the black hole of nothingness.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Light and only light exists. Darkness is the perceived relative nonexistence of light. Darkness is the product of judgment. Not as light as you thought it would be, think it should be or used to be at another time or place. Not as light as it could be. As you want to be. As you plan to make it. But light nonetheless. There is light. Light is.

It is dark because of your judgment, evaluation, perception. Even if there is absolute absence of light, it is nonexistence perceived. But nonexistence nonetheless.

Light and only light exists. Darkness is nonexistence perceived. Judgment. In the same way there is only wealth. Poverty is another avatar of darkness. Which does not exist. Poverty is judging not what I think should be, not what could be, not what used to be.

Only the positive exists. The negative is the nonexistence of the positive. And does not exist.

Judgment creates the negative and is a drag on success, prosperity, success and growth.

(What about murder, theft, lies, cheating, assault and battery? Don’t judge wrong doing? These have already been judged by God to be evil. No further judgment required.)

It is is aligning with the positive that drives success, progress, growth and prosperity. Aligning with the is. The negative is nonexistence and as such has no energy, no power, no volume and no mass. The negative is by its very nature nothingness. It has nothing to give. It sucks energy and power out of your life. It is no value. None. It sucks value out of your life. It destroys life and value.

Value and only value exists.  Energy, vitality, resources, goods, wealth. Realize the is. Appreciate the is. Grow from there.

You can experience exponential growth and success once the judgment stops and the appreciation flourishes.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.


Livng In The Real World

When trying to offer encouragement I am met with the objection “I have to live in the real world”.

That’s exactly the spot that I occupy. All worries, fears, doubts and frustrations are idea, thought. All of them. They are in your head. Every single worry and fear. They live in your head. Created, entertained and fed by you.

“Not gonna have enough to pay the rent this month”. An idea. Just like “I will have more than enough”.

The very idea of “debt” is just that, an idea, a concept. They money in your pocket is real. The debt that worry about is a concept. Yes, some day arrive at your door in a thoroughly unpleasant manner. But until then it is an idea. The idea that you will get through it with flying colores is a much more appealing idea and will serve you so much better.

All worry and fear are ideas, thoughts. Not real things. They are created and kept alive by your mind. And they get in the way of your peace, progress, growth, success and prospering.

The real world is totally positive. The universe is totally, absolutely 100% positive. And the more you align yourself with that fact the better off you will be. Aligning with the truth is the way to grater success and happiness.

All negativity, all negation, is made up by the human mind. Negation exists only in the mind, a creation of the ego.

What is is the way it really is. The universe, the world, is one big collection of is. The universe is all that there is. All that there is makes up the universe. There is no isn’t in the universe. There is no room in the great IS for any isn’t. None. With no mass, no volume and no energy negation cannot fit into the extraordinarily vast universe.

All of you negative thoughts are out of place in the real world. And are just holding you back.

What is is the way it really is. Observation and appreciation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Live, love, laugh, create, give, enjoy, rejoice.

365 Days of IS

A new year. A whole year of is in front of you. Untouched by your ego and its judgments. All positive.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness, The universe is absolutely, totally 100% positive. There is no isn’t in the is that is the universe. he universe is all that is. All that is is the universe. There is no room in that for any isn’t. There is no isnt’t in all of existence. Only in your mind. There is no negation in realty. It is only a concept

Here’s to your realizing all the positive in your life. Here’s to your embracing all the blessings constantly flowing into your life. Here’s to your appreciating all that is. And casting down and abandoning your imaginings of nonvalue, nonexistence, negation. Here’s to your abandoning the negative. It is truly all good. God is and is the Creator of the is and not the isn’t. The isn’t is your deal, your own dark world.

What is is the way it really is. Observation and appreciation are power. Judgment is weakness.

Realize, appreciate, give thanks. Live, love, laugh, create, enjoy, rejoice.

Making a Difference? Really?

Fighting the darkness. Or celebrating light. The vast majority of people who fancy themselves as making a difference  are actually exacerbating the problem. Yes, those who think that they are part of the solution are pouring their energy into the problem.

Cursing the darkness or celebrating light. More and more people are becoming warriors of darkness. Poverty, struggle and hardship. DARKNESS. Nonexistence. They nonexistence of wealth and provision and ability. The negative. And the negative cannot be destroyed or diminished. It can only be perceived and then experienced. Fight against it and you give it your energy and make it seem so much more real. Fight against it and you give energy to the experience of it. The experience and only the experience.

Most who a see themselves as making a difference are. They are giving energy to the nonexistent darkness. We spend trillions fighting the darkness and millions and more millkions are being trapped in the experience of the negative. But people get to feed their egos because they are “making a difference”.

Part of the problem or part of the solution? Fighting darkness? Or appreciating and celebrating light? Experience darkness or live in light?

Appreciate, experience and celebrate light. Enjoy the expanding waves of light enveloping you and flowing toward those around you. And beyond.

Realize, appreciate, give thanks, enjoy, rejoice, live, love, laugh, produce. Celebrate light I all of its avatars.

Who’s In Charge?

You make so much fuss about being free, independent. Strong and in charge.
Bull. You spend most of your time being pulled around, pushed around by circumstances, happenings and other people. Happy, sad, angry, frustrated, annoyed, upset, fear, worry, anxiety. REACTIONS. Reactions to what people say, do, might say, might do. Things that did happen, are happening, might happen. Reactions to what people might thought, are thinking, might someday think.
You are pulled around by the nose. By all too many of the world 7 billion people.
Reaction or preaction. Who is in charge? You or everybody around you? Most people have given control over their lives to random strangers. Angry and upset because of some driver who is now miles away and has no clue that they even exist. Get that. Many people allow a driver, who may well be a jerk, set the tone for the rest of their day. Allow that person to drag down their vibrations. They actually allow that person whom they do not even know and hold in utter contempt to divert them from the path of their greater good and higher success. Who’s in charge? The despised stranger. Could anything be more stupid or foolish? Probably not.
This is just one example. Your reactions are ceding control over your life. When you react you are giving up control to circumstances and other people.
Preact. That is the only way to be free, independent and in control. How do you want to feel? Happy, joyous, relaxed, serene? Just do it. Just be it. Why wait for the world to give you permission by lining up with your wishes and commands. Much better to assume your preferred inner position and wait for the world to align with you.
That’s how you take charge. After all it is the feeling, the attitude, the inner experience that you are going for anyway. Want to feel good? Then feel good. Who’s the boss of you? A random collection of other people many of whom are pretty much strangers to you? Or you? Are you the boss of you as you like to remind people? Then be the boss of you. Take charge of how you feel and how you react. Or act rather than react.
You’ll be happy when you become rich. Really? Well, if I were in charge of things I would do you the favor of withholding wealth and success. I wouldn’t want to give you something that would cause you to feel in a way so foreign to you. I would not give you reason to feel in a way that you have not already chosen. I would give you circumstance and experiences that match the way that you have freely chosen to feel. I would give you circumstances and occurrences that match your chosen way of being.
If you reject happiness and serenity now, then you reject happiness and serenity. If you reject happiness and serenity, then you reject that which you think will bring you happiness and serenity.
Choose now. Choose how you will feel now. Now is parent to the next now commony referred to as the future.

Man Builds a House

A man wants to build a house. For that house he needs X number bricks, so many two-by-fours and nails, wires, pipes, windows, etc. If he faithfully arranges all the elements according to the plans he will have a strong and beautiful home for himself and his family. Now imagine a man who is crazy. For real bricks he substitutes and an occasional imaginary brick, a brick that exists only I his mind. And some of the nails are only imaginary-nails that do not really exist. The edifice that results will is not going to be as strong and durable as if he had constructed it correctly. Right? Worst of all would be if he had built the house on a nonexistent foundation. The more nonexistent elements, the weaker and less beautiful the house. If the foundation itself is only imaginary, then the house would be totally unfit for habitation.

How many elements of your life are only imagined nonexistence? Your life is built on your thoughts and ideas. The higher the quality of those thoughts, the higher the quality of your life. The majority of your thoughts are negative. Fact. Even the thoughts that you think of as “positive” are actually negative. “I’m not coming down with a cold.” Negative. “I won’t forget.” Negative. And those are just the “positive” ones. Yes, most of the thousands of thoughts you have every day are negative.

The edifice of your life is severely compromised by all too many nonexistent bricks, thoughts of nonexistence. And in all too many cases, the foundation is largely nonexistent. Look around you. The more problem, hardships and lack a person is experiencing, the more negative thoughts. Lives built with plenty of nonexistent bricks. Bricks that only exist in the builders mind. Lives put together with images of nonexistence.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is. The universe is totally, absolutely 100% positive. The universe is all there is. All there is constitutes the universe. The negative is a construct of the human mind. It is a product of the ego and the ego’s attempt to justify itself. All that it can create is images of nonexistence. And that is does brilliantly. Bril-liant-ly.

What is is the way it really is. Live, love, laugh, give, love, create, produce, invest, enjoy, realize, appreciate, gratitude (verb), laugh, smile, rejoice, always rejoice.

(Don’t Worry) Be Happy

When was the last time you walked into the kitchen and said ”no zebras here” or how about “no “Martians”? Probably never. Right?

Last night I thought that today I would simply post “Don’t worry, be happy”. Huh? Don’t worry? Not worry. Nonexistence of worry? Geez, I know better.

The mind thinks in pictures. And it cannot picture nonexistence. It has to do some mental gymnastics to approximate the concept and translate it into appropriate terms of existence. It takes the mind longer to grasp a simple negative statement than it does a positive one. It is a whole lot more productive to tell children to speak in a quiet voice than it is to tell them not to yell.

If I ask you to look at me and tell me what I am doing and you see me with a phone to my ear. You immediately get “talking on the phone”. If I ask you to come into my office and tell me what I am doing and the phone is on the desk undisturbed.  You might say sitting and looking about. Sitting and thinking. Sitting. You would not immediately say “not talking on the phone”.

If I hold out my hand and ask you what I have you would say “a hand”. If I first held out that same hand with five pennies in it, you would say “five pennies”. If I took one away you would then say “four pennies”. One more gone “three pennies”. Finally when I took away the last penny and I asked you what I had you would probably say “nothing”.  Nothing? Before that same “nothing” was a hand. And that is indeed what I have: a hand. And glorious it is to have a hand. Thank you, God!

It is the mind that creates negative in response to its expectations. The ego has certain expectations of reality and when reality is out of conformance then nonexistence is created. If you expect me to be on the phone when you come into my office you might be pleasantly surprised to find me “not on the phone”. My condition in reality did not match your expectation. If you expect or are used to seeing pennies in my hand, then when there is just a hand you see nothing or “no pennies” rather than a glorious hand.

Telling folks “Don’t worry, be happy” tends to encourage worry. I say don’t think of an elephant and an elephant comes to mind when elephants were the farthest thing from your mind. Saying “don’t worry, be happy” gives or reinforces the impression that worry is expected or normal. The happy song with that title has probably done more to spread worry than we will ever know.

The universe is absolutely, totally 100% positive. Reality is absolutely, totally 100% positive. The negative is ego generated and exists only in the mind of man. Success is a function of being in sync with the universe. In this way a positive outlook is conducive to success, prosperity, progress and happiness. And perceiving the negative is a detriment to the same. Abundance is a function of being in sync with the universe.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Be happy!! Live, love, laugh, smile give, hope, dream, create, love, give, produce, invest, smile, love, encourage, laugh, APPRECIATE, give thanks always, rejoice, live, love, give, create, work, relax.

Be happy!!