Talk Is Cheap

So why not choose the very best speech. You may not yet be able to see how to have the very best house, car, art, furniture or jewelry. The finest restaurants, wine, hotel and resorts may be out of your reach. But right now you can choose the finest way of speaking, the very best words. No charge. Absolutely free.
You can use your words to encourage and lift yourself and others. Gratitude and appreciation. Sometimes just a hello to a stranger. My offices are on the twelfth floor. I ride the elevator several times a day and always make an effort to say hello to a fellow passenger and to say something pleasant. In that brief encounter I am able to add some value to another person’s day with no cost. And I end up feeling even better. I usually tell a waiter/waitress “thanks for taking such good care of us”. Don’t be afraid to speak blessing into other people’s lives.
And cut the crap. Don’t bring ugly and vile stuff into your experience with your words. All too often I overhear people throwing excrement into their conversations and their experience. Such as “I have so much s***(excrement) to pack for my trip” or “I have to clean of my desk. There is so much excrement on it”. Really? What kind of person throws fecal matter into the face of family and friends. And people wonder why their lives are so…. crappy. This kind of talk used to be very rare. Now it is all too prevalent. Just this morning I heard a women on this street tell her friend that she had been watching videos and s***. I guess she should get credit for realizing that what she was watching was worthless.
Words have a power and an energy. The thing to get is in this one case the finest cost no more than lowest, ugliest and worst. Where else can you get such a deal?
Words run the world. Choose words of beauty and grace. Choose words of prosperity, success, wealth and abundance. Choose words of health and vitality. Kindness, love and compassion. Speak love and appreciation. Speak encouragement. Choose life.
Choose words of realization and appreciation. Realize and appreciate the goodness and light all around you. Encourage it and experience it. Allow it to expand. Speak it. Be it.
Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is. Align your thought s, words and action with the reality of the universe.
Appreciate, give thanks, create, love, live, laugh, enjoy, rejoice.

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