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How’s It Going?

Your only problem is that you think problem. Problems do not exist. Not one. Get that truth and the world is your oyster. It is not a point of view. It is reality minus pointy of view.

By the grace of God, extraordinary opportunities pour into my life. China, India, Central America, the UAE, Russia and here. An unstoppable flow. No effort of my own. Ego out of the way. Judgment out of the way. Thank you GOD. This afternoon a gentleman from India is coming to my office to meet a gentleman who is leaving to go back to Dubai. Truly amazing. I am so grateful.

Realization, appreciation, gratitude and then growth. What you perceive you will experience. Problems or blessings? Blessings are real. Problems are always judgment. Judge not for surely you will live life filtered through your judgments. Life is an adventure to be embraced and not a problem to be solved. These days most people want to be extricated from their lives. Taken out of their lives and be delivered to a walking. Consider politics. And then run in the other direction. Everybody looking for others to deliver them from life. Protect me, take care of me. Rob other people so that I can survive.

So how is it going for you? You have been taking to heart what I write. Haven’t you? Definitely too much for people who want to hold on to their problem way of life. We are facing total collapse because we live in a society that is more and more obsessed with problems. Never before have so many had so much and been less grateful

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

It’s all good.

Live, love laugh, produce, enjoy, rejoice.


Oh Yeah?

When she was around 12, my niece was diagnosed with a learning disability. Three years ago she was graduated magna from Penn (which at the time, was ranked by U.S. News as tied with Stanford in their college rankings right behind Harvard, Princeton and Yale). Yesterday she received her diploma from Harvard Law School. She made law review there two years ago. Not bad. Needless to say she was a stellar high school student. Also fun, decent, sweet, charming and thoroughly likeable. I would also mention beautiful, but this is about character, so won’t.

I am now wondering if that silly diagnosis perhaps somehow helped set things in motion to get her to where she is today. Quite possibly.

Never but never accept limitations that other people try to place on you. Never ever accept the limitations that you try to put on you.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Realize, appreciate, celebrate. Create, contribute, live, love, laugh. Enjoy. Rejoice.

Success Is True

Success is always a matter of aligning with the positive. That is why a positive outlook and mindset is conducive to success and happiness while a negative consciousness leads to stagnation, failure, frustration and decline. The positive works. It doesn’t just sound better it works.
Success is a result of aligning your thoughts and actions with reality. Success is a matter of getting it right. Even when you are doing wrong. Success, all success, is a function of being in sync with the is that is the universe. Being in alignment with the universe. What is the universe? All that is is the universe. The universe is the totality of all that is.
That includes a whole lot. Everything. From galaxies to the specks of dust floating about your head. There is room in the universe for everything. Elephants and whales, houses and skyscrapers, planets, stars, planets and entire galaxies. There is one thing and only one thing that cannot fit in the is-ness of the universe. The isn’t. The negative. The nonexistent.
Even with no mass and no volume, there is no room in the infinitely vast universe for the negative. There is no room in the is for any isn’t. There is no negative in reality. There is no nonexistence in existence. The negative, the isn’t, the nonexistent can only exist in the mind and consciousness of man. A creation of his ego after it compares what is to what it expects.
All isn’ts are just ego judgments. The ego’s attempt to grapple with reality vis-à-vis its own expectations. The negative is the nonexistence of something or other and nonexistence does not exist. The negative is the negation of value and, as such, is worthless. It gums up the works of your mind and consciousness. Get rid of all your perceptions of nonexistence and you will soar.
We are living in a world that is being sucked into the vortex of negativity. It’s all about the not and the isn’t. Our governments are spending trillions of dollars fighting the isn’t, the nonexistent. Utter foolishness. We need to realize, appreciate and celebrate the is. We need to celebrate blessings. And watch them expand.
What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Observation leads to appreciation. Judgment is weakness. Judgment creates the negative.
Realize. Appreciation. Celebrate. Live. Love. Create. Laugh. Enjoy. Rejoice.

Eden Is Now

Before the fall, Adam and Eve totally lived in the now. Never rehashing the past. No concern for the future. How can I know such a thing. It’s obvious. Why do you ruminate about the past? Two reasons. One is that you are reliving your mistakes and things you wish you had done better or differently. Before the fall, they had no such experiences. You also escape to the past when the present is unsatisfactory so you revel in past glory. Those first folks had no unhappiness, worry, fear, anxiety or frustration from which to escape.

 No need to live in the past. And no worries or fears about the future. Nor any need to dream about a better future. They lived in the here and now. Or the there and then 🙂

 The point is that you too can experience the joy, perfection, fullness, flow and abundance of Eden. You can experience paradise. All your worries, fears, regrets and anxiety are a function of thoughts of the past or future. And that is all that they are thoughts.

And everything that worries you, causes you fear or anxiety is nonexistent. All your fears, worries and sorrows are a function of perceiving the not, the negative, the nonexistent. Not being able to do something or other. Not having something or other. Not is negative is the nonexistent. Everything that brings you down is nonexistent. Literally and absolutely. And nonexistent as the negative perceptions are, they are the ONLY things holding you back or keeping you down. Just thoughts that don’t line up with the is-ness of the universe.

It is your thoughts of the nonexistent that don’t sync with the is-ness of reality. And are all that stand in the way of your abundance sync.

Get in the present. When you notice any thoughts that are causing you uneasiness remind yourself that it’s just a thought and then return to your absolutely perfect here and now.


 Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Believing Is Experiencing

What you see is what you live.

What you see is what you be.

What you be is what you see.

You can choose what you see and experience.  Choose wisely. Do you see wealth and provision or poverty? Blessings or problems? How high do you want to soar? How far do you want to go? Your consciousness is the only thing that will determine that. Your ego is the only thing that will get in the way.

The human eye can only see a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. And it is even more interesting. The electromagnetic spectrum accounts for about 0.005% of the estimated mass of the universe.

Got that? We can only see an eensy teensy infinitesimal percentage of what’s out there.

Light-visual information-enters our brains is edited by our temporal lobes before traveling onto our visual cortices. Studies suggest that what we end up experiencing as sight is half actual visual stimulus and half the filter of our expectations.

We live our lives filtered through our judgments. Judge not lest you live a life limited by your judgments.

And you judge everything. Don’t hand  me the I’m-not-judgmental crap. The only things you don’t judge are what you have already judged to be acceptable. You still insist that you are nonjudgmental? If that were the case, there would be nothing holding you back. You would always be experiencing the flow and infinite abundance of the universe. Total joy and success. The fact is you judge everything from traffic, weather, climate, bodily symptoms, your circumstances and the progress you are making to the wage of workers in China and Malaysia. Meet the filter and drag on your life.

Judge not lest ye be judged. BE. Not will be after this life. BE. Present tense. Now, ongoing. Be equals living. You are living your judgments. The good news is that it can all change when your judgments are curtailed.

If you truly were nonjudgmental you would be living in constant unbounded joy. Sadness, unhappiness, frustration, worry, fear, nervousness, envy, jealousy and other less than desirable feelings and states are always the result of your judgments. And your judgments always result in worry, fear, disappointment, frustration, anxiety and/or sadness. All of these impede your progress. They all drag you down. They all significantly lower your energy and vibrations.

Judgment is death. The death of your hopes, dreams, progress and joy. Slow, minute by minute, day by day, and emotionally agonizing. Judgment is darkness. All of the success programs and modalities that you have tried have resulted in less than stellar results. Because of the filter of your judgments.

Your judgments define your life. Definitions are limits. When you define “car” you draw a circle and say that everything within the circle is a car and everything without is not. In this way your judgments limit your life and block you from the infinite resources and abundance of the universe.

On the other hand is observation. Observation is power. Observation results in joy. Observation results in appreciation. Observation results in gratitude.  In this way observation raises your energy, your attitude, your outlook, your vibrations. Observation is lift. Judgment is drag. Observation brings lightness. Judgment brings heaviness. Observation is life. Observation is light. Judgment is darkness. Darkness is only judgment.


When you look at the world what do you see? Do you really see? Do you observe or do you judge? What do you see without your analysis? Without your opinion? Without your perspective? Without your judgment?

Observation is power. Live in observation and appreciation. And experience the growth, success and prosperity that follow. Do you see poverty and hardships? Or the infinite abundance, blessings and prosperity that is actually out there. Poverty is the ego’s judgment. Not enough. Not what I think should be.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Observe, appreciate, live, grow, prosper, create, give, laugh