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Judgement Sucks

Judgment sucks the bright light of the positive into the dark black hole of the negative.

Judgment sucks the is into the black hole of nothingness.

Judgment sucks light into the black hole of darkness.

Judgment sucks wealth into the black hole of poverty.

Judgment sucks potential into the black hole of frustration.

Judgment sucks vitality into the black hole of infirmity.

Judgment sucks joy into the black hole of worry, fear and anxiety.

Judgment sucks realization, appreciation and gratitude into the black hole of nothingness.

It is realization, appreciation and gratitude that drives success, progress and growth.

Judgment sucks success, progress and growth into the black hole of nothingness.

Judgment creates the negative. Which does not and cannot exist.

The negative is negation or nonexistence. The negative is the negation or nonexistence of something.

Judge not lest you bring that judgment upon you. Judge not lest you live a life filtered through and limited by your judgments.

Judge not lest you bring the destructive negative into your life and experiences.

Judge not lest you filer all the blessings flowing into your life and divert them into the black hole of nothingness.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Light and only light exists. Darkness is the perceived relative nonexistence of light. Darkness is the product of judgment. Not as light as you thought it would be, think it should be or used to be at another time or place. Not as light as it could be. As you want to be. As you plan to make it. But light nonetheless. There is light. Light is.

It is dark because of your judgment, evaluation, perception. Even if there is absolute absence of light, it is nonexistence perceived. But nonexistence nonetheless.

Light and only light exists. Darkness is nonexistence perceived. Judgment. In the same way there is only wealth. Poverty is another avatar of darkness. Which does not exist. Poverty is judging not what I think should be, not what could be, not what used to be.

Only the positive exists. The negative is the nonexistence of the positive. And does not exist.

Judgment creates the negative and is a drag on success, prosperity, success and growth.

(What about murder, theft, lies, cheating, assault and battery? Don’t judge wrong doing? These have already been judged by God to be evil. No further judgment required.)

It is is aligning with the positive that drives success, progress, growth and prosperity. Aligning with the is. The negative is nonexistence and as such has no energy, no power, no volume and no mass. The negative is by its very nature nothingness. It has nothing to give. It sucks energy and power out of your life. It is no value. None. It sucks value out of your life. It destroys life and value.

Value and only value exists.  Energy, vitality, resources, goods, wealth. Realize the is. Appreciate the is. Grow from there.

You can experience exponential growth and success once the judgment stops and the appreciation flourishes.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.


Problems or Realizations

We live in a world increasingly about problems. Focusing on problems. Trying to solve problems. And experiencing problems. Particularly experiencing problems.

A greater experiencing of problems because of the focus on problems. Seemingly more problems because of the attempt to solve “problems”.

Problems aren’t solved. Only exacerbated. The key to a better life isn’t solving problems but expanding existence. Allowing a bigger, greater existence to manifest..Realizing and appreciating blessings. Expansion of the experiencing the good stuff.

Consider people who are fighting against being overweight. They are perpetually doing so. Never seems to work. Lose, gain, lose, gain, lose, gain. Net gain. Then start all over again. A whole other paradigm is the person who decides to increase his level of health and fitness. The pounds melt away.

There are so many focused on poverty and hardship. Fighting against it. Harping on it. Getting indignant about it. These people are dangerous. Problem obsession is counterproductive. It only reinforces the consciousness that created the “problem” in the first place.The choice is to give weight to “poverty” or to appreciate and celebrate wealth.

Focusing on or fighting against the isn’t only reinforces and gives validity to the isn’t, what isn’t, the negative. The negative cannot be destroyed. It cannot be diminished. The only way is to realize, appreciate, celebrate and magnify the reality of the positive.

Everything that you see in the news (if you waste your time so) is a celebration of the negative. The wealth and wellbeing that is not. The peace and joy that is not. A total focus on and energizing of the nonexistent.

The only choice at any given moment is to experience the isn’t that  is created by your ego. And then give it life that is a drag on your life. Or to live in realization, appreciation and celebration of what is. A contracted life or an expanded life.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power.. Judgment is weakness.

Realize, appreciate, celebrate, create, give, love, laugh, enjoy and rejoice.


Truth Alignment IS Success

All success comes from alignment with the truth. All success from getting to work on time to building an international business empire come from thinking and acting in alignment with the truth. Baking a good batch of cookies or climbing Mt. Everest. Even successfully telling a lie requires aligning yourself with the truth about who will believe what and in what manner told.
What is truth? What is is truth. Truth is the IS. The is that we seen, the is that we hold and the is that we can imagine. That includes a lot. It does not and cannot include the isn’t, the is not. The is not is not. All your negative thoughts are garbage that you make up. Garbage that gets in the way of your success and growth.
More and more people are getting more and more sucked into the vortex of the negative. Don’t have this and don’t have that. Do you realize that people actually whine and throw a tantrum because somebody will not bake them a cake! Such a society is on its last legs. We were once a people who braved and triumphed on a wild and hostile continent. Great victory and unprecedented success. How things have changed!
What is is the way it really is. Duality is dead. Long live existence. Existence and only existence exists. What doesn’t exist doesn’t exist. What doesn’t exist is not real and not true.
Light is. Strength is. Ability is. Vitality is. Wealth is. The rest is an imagined lie.
Happiness is true.
What is is the way it really is. Get absorbed in that. Miracles actually happen there. My experience. Let go of the duality. All is well.
What is is the way it really is. Observation and appreciation is power. Judgment is weakness.
Whine and decline. Praise and be raises.
Live, love, laugh, appreciate, give thanks, create, give, enjoy, rejoice, prosper, succeed.

Give and Grow

Millions and ever more millions of Americans are experiencing struggle, hardship, frustration and despair because the fundamental law of economics has been largely abandoned. More than abandoned. The fundamental law of economics has been reversed. And unless this changes things will continue to decline and eventually collapse. It can be no other way.

Give and it shall be given unto you. Contribute and it shall be given unto you. Create value and you will prosper. Involve yourself in creating more and you will get more. What is so difficult to understand about that? How could such a basic principle be controversial? And yet it is.

This paradigm has been turned on its head. Now standard operating procedure for most people is to continually demand to be given more. Most politicians encourage and enable this in order to acquire and maintain power. Millions of weak and gullible allow themselves to be manipulated into taking the suicidal life course of taking and consuming in order to expand.

Contribute and it shall be given unto you. Continually demand that more be given you and you will never have enough. Never.

You expand by creating, by producing value. You expand by contributing to the pie. Your life and your sphere expand as you produce value. Life is an adventure to be embraced. Ant not a problem from which to be rescued. All too many people have come to expect to be rescued from life. Stepping up to the challenges of life results in growth. Demanding to be rescued from life delivers you from life.

Being delivered from life delivers you into something other than life. Other than life is death. We have millions of living dead. We have a land more and more populated by zombies. People who have not grown to the challenges of modern life. People who are not capable of handing life in the big modern world in which they now live.

Americans who are contracting do not need to be given the opportunity to take even more, they need to step up and be more. There is no other way. Encouraging and perpetuating the current dynamic truly is a crime against humanity and especially a crime against the children who are being brought into the current destructive system.

Give and it shall be given unto you. If you want more, then step up and be more. Be more and grow. Grow and contribute more. Contribute more have more. Demand that more be given you and you will continue to shrink. There is no alternative. Until we learn this lesson our economy and society are at great peril.

Occupy the Space

Where are you? Are you in the power seat? Or have you abdicated?
Power is in the here and now. Are you there? Fully?
Most people spend very little time there. They are in the past or the future. They are in the isn’t and out of sync with the infinite abundance of the universe.
You need to occupy the space. The space of the here and now. Be present. Be aware. Be aware of the is. Being aware of the is opens you to the pwereful energy of joy and appreciation. Whining about your ego-created isn’t saps you of power.
Fully occupying the is and filling that space cause it to expand. Being off in some other place causes the is around you to contract. Resulting in the experience of lack.
HereNow is the driver’s seat of life. Being in the past is like sitting on the trunk of a car. Thinking abouty the future is like sitting on the hood. Either way you are not going anywhere and if you do want to get somewhere, you open yourself to frustration and unhappiness. Get in the driver’ seat. Be HereNow.
Most people live in the consciousness of their ego-created isn’t. Don’t have this, don’t have that. Can’t do this, Can’t do that. Am not this, am not that. All BS lies. Only the is is. Only the is is truth.
If you want your experience of the is to expand, then experience the is and forget the is not. What is? Wealth is. Poverty and lack are not. They are the not, the negation, the nonexistence of wealth. Vitality is. Sickness is the perceived lack of vitality and wholeness. The negation or nonexistence of vitality. Revel in and use what you do have and your experience of the is will expand. Light exists and is real. Darkness does not exist. It is only the perceived relative nonexistence or negation of light. And, as such does not exist.
What is is the way it really is. The universe is totally, absolutely 100% positive. Your perception and, therefore, experience of it is not.
God is and created the is. He created the is and not the isn’t. The isn’t is man’s creation. Whenever you go off into the isn’t you are off on your own. You are in a darkness of your own creation. Not a good place.
What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.It is the ego’s judgment that creates the negative. And the more educated and sophisticated you are the more analytical you tend to be and the more isn’t you are prone to create. Be like a child to enter the kingdom. Awe, appreciation and wonder.
Observation leads to appreciation leads to expansion. Judgment brings contraction, stagnation and decline. And all is still good.
Observe, appreciate, enjoy, love, create, love, live, laugh, love, enjoy, rejoice.

Making a Difference? Really?

Fighting the darkness. Or celebrating light. The vast majority of people who fancy themselves as making a difference  are actually exacerbating the problem. Yes, those who think that they are part of the solution are pouring their energy into the problem.

Cursing the darkness or celebrating light. More and more people are becoming warriors of darkness. Poverty, struggle and hardship. DARKNESS. Nonexistence. They nonexistence of wealth and provision and ability. The negative. And the negative cannot be destroyed or diminished. It can only be perceived and then experienced. Fight against it and you give it your energy and make it seem so much more real. Fight against it and you give energy to the experience of it. The experience and only the experience.

Most who a see themselves as making a difference are. They are giving energy to the nonexistent darkness. We spend trillions fighting the darkness and millions and more millkions are being trapped in the experience of the negative. But people get to feed their egos because they are “making a difference”.

Part of the problem or part of the solution? Fighting darkness? Or appreciating and celebrating light? Experience darkness or live in light?

Appreciate, experience and celebrate light. Enjoy the expanding waves of light enveloping you and flowing toward those around you. And beyond.

Realize, appreciate, give thanks, enjoy, rejoice, live, love, laugh, produce. Celebrate light I all of its avatars.

Choose What You Choose to See

Choose what you choose to see.
What you see is what you will get. What you see is what you will experience.
What do you see? What do you choose to see?
When you look at the world around what do you choose to see? Your home. What do you choose to see? Your neighborhood. What do you choose to see?
Do you see poverty and lack? Or do you see abundance and wealth? Do you see light or do you experience darkness? Light exists. Darkness does not. Literally and absolutely does not exist. Not fantasy or airy-fairy theory. But science and reason. Darkness does not exist but people experience darkness.
“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.” Goethe
The world, the universe is infinitely abundant. There is no isn’t I the great is that is the universe.
Judge not lest you live life filtered through your judgments. As you believe so will you experience. Do you believe in poverty and lack or do you see and appreciate all the stuff that there is. How much time to do spend whining about your circumstances? Not much? Terrific. How much time do you spend whining about other people’s circumstances and the world at large? Probably too much.
Start changing your heart. Turn from your perceptions of darkness and all its avatars. Poverty, lack and hardship are all avatars of darkness. There is only light. There is only wealth, assets and stuff. Poverty is a concept. Debt is a concept. Hardship is an experience.
See and appreciate. Realize and be grateful. The universe truly is all positive and abundant. The rest is human perception and chosen experience.
Realize, appreciate and expand. Realize, appreciate and have an expanded experience of the good stuff that you realize and appreciate.
Realize, appreciate, live, love, enjoy, rejoice.