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Raging Against the Negative

You can rage against the negative – the fasted growing American pastime. Or you can appreciate the positive. You can create, thereby expanding the is, creating a greater reality. Or you can fight to solve problems which is fighting against the negative. Thereby expanding the experience of he negative.

More of the good stuff. Or a greater experience of struggle, hardship, anxiety, fear and unhappiness. Is their really any choice?

What is is the way it really is. What isn’t is a product of the ego. Your wildest dreams are part of the is. Your worries and fears are of the isn’t.

Observation is power. Observation always leads to appreciation. Judgment is weakness.

Appreciate. Enjoy. Be grateful. Cast down images of no value, negation, the negative. Create. Love. Laugh. Dance. Rejoice.. Enjou.



An extraordinary privilege accrues to those who take responsibility for their own lives rather than blaming others for where they are and expecting others to get then to where they want to be. Living a life of self-control and self-discipline definitely confers an advantage. A solid work ethic goes a long way toward acquiring a privilege. A positive attitude and appreciative spirit will promote a body above those of a complaining and ungrateful way. Being pleasant and friendly will serve you a lot better than being otherwise.

Choose to be privileged.

Problems or Realizations

We live in a world increasingly about problems. Focusing on problems. Trying to solve problems. And experiencing problems. Particularly experiencing problems.

A greater experiencing of problems because of the focus on problems. Seemingly more problems because of the attempt to solve “problems”.

Problems aren’t solved. Only exacerbated. The key to a better life isn’t solving problems but expanding existence. Allowing a bigger, greater existence to manifest..Realizing and appreciating blessings. Expansion of the experiencing the good stuff.

Consider people who are fighting against being overweight. They are perpetually doing so. Never seems to work. Lose, gain, lose, gain, lose, gain. Net gain. Then start all over again. A whole other paradigm is the person who decides to increase his level of health and fitness. The pounds melt away.

There are so many focused on poverty and hardship. Fighting against it. Harping on it. Getting indignant about it. These people are dangerous. Problem obsession is counterproductive. It only reinforces the consciousness that created the “problem” in the first place.The choice is to give weight to “poverty” or to appreciate and celebrate wealth.

Focusing on or fighting against the isn’t only reinforces and gives validity to the isn’t, what isn’t, the negative. The negative cannot be destroyed. It cannot be diminished. The only way is to realize, appreciate, celebrate and magnify the reality of the positive.

Everything that you see in the news (if you waste your time so) is a celebration of the negative. The wealth and wellbeing that is not. The peace and joy that is not. A total focus on and energizing of the nonexistent.

The only choice at any given moment is to experience the isn’t that  is created by your ego. And then give it life that is a drag on your life. Or to live in realization, appreciation and celebration of what is. A contracted life or an expanded life.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power.. Judgment is weakness.

Realize, appreciate, celebrate, create, give, love, laugh, enjoy and rejoice.


Choose What You Choose to See

Choose what you choose to see.
What you see is what you will get. What you see is what you will experience.
What do you see? What do you choose to see?
When you look at the world around what do you choose to see? Your home. What do you choose to see? Your neighborhood. What do you choose to see?
Do you see poverty and lack? Or do you see abundance and wealth? Do you see light or do you experience darkness? Light exists. Darkness does not. Literally and absolutely does not exist. Not fantasy or airy-fairy theory. But science and reason. Darkness does not exist but people experience darkness.
“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.” Goethe
The world, the universe is infinitely abundant. There is no isn’t I the great is that is the universe.
Judge not lest you live life filtered through your judgments. As you believe so will you experience. Do you believe in poverty and lack or do you see and appreciate all the stuff that there is. How much time to do spend whining about your circumstances? Not much? Terrific. How much time do you spend whining about other people’s circumstances and the world at large? Probably too much.
Start changing your heart. Turn from your perceptions of darkness and all its avatars. Poverty, lack and hardship are all avatars of darkness. There is only light. There is only wealth, assets and stuff. Poverty is a concept. Debt is a concept. Hardship is an experience.
See and appreciate. Realize and be grateful. The universe truly is all positive and abundant. The rest is human perception and chosen experience.
Realize, appreciate and expand. Realize, appreciate and have an expanded experience of the good stuff that you realize and appreciate.
Realize, appreciate, live, love, enjoy, rejoice.