Is Is Isn’t Isn’t

Your thought and, therefore, your life are thoroughly infected with the destructive virus of the isn’t. Your acceptance of the unreal and nonexistent as real and existent is dragging you down and holding you back. You know that a negative outlook is detrimental. Right? So why do you hold onto all the isn’t in your consciousness. Isn’t is a construct of your ego. This construct of nothingness drags down your energy, your joy, your attitude.

You allow images of nothingness to rob you of your life force and your potential. Your dreams are. Your hopes are. Your goals are. Your not achieving and experiencing them is not. Not having is the negation or nonexistence of having and as such does not exist. There is not room in your world, your psyche for both having something or other and not having that same something or other.

To allow your dreams to show up in your life cast down and walk away from that image of nonvalue that is getting in the way. When you do so your energy and attitude will soar opening up space for your dreams to move into your life.

Wealth is real. Poverty is the negation of wealth and as such can only be imagined and then experienced.Wealth can be observed. Stuff. Stuff everywhere you look. Poverty is judgment. Not as much as I think should be. Not as much as I in my infinite wisdom think folks should have. The more you observe, realize and appreciate, the more you will experience. Either wealth or poverty.

It’s your choice. Observe and appreciate. Judge and suffer.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness and suffering.

Appreciate, love, live, create, give, laugh, smile, enjoy, rejoice.

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