Mind Viruses of the Not

You know what computer viruses are. They are small bits of software that do not belong in a computer and gum up the works. They keep the computer from working as it should. They are in effect thoughts in computer language that simply do not belong. Computer viruses are to be avoided and destroyed.
Your mind is operating on more viruses than any malicious hacker could ever envision. They infect every one of your thought processes. And gum up the works. They keep you stuck. They hold you back and keep you down. They keep you from your dreams and goals.
Your entire consciousness is interlaced with malware. Little bits of noninformation that pass themselves off as information. Nonreality that passes itself off as reality. Nonexistence that you accept as existent. Bits of “information” that match up with absolutely nothing in the infinitely vast universe. Mind garbage. And you know: Garbage In Garbage Out.
The universe is totally, absolutely 100% positive. The universe is the totality of all that is. All that is constitutes the universe. There is no room in the Great Is for any isn’t.
Success, growth, prosperity and progress result then you are in sync with the is-ness of the universe. All of your is nots and have nots are out out of the sync with the in-ness of reality. As such they are mind viruses.
Your conception of what is is thoroughly polluted and infected with images of what isn’t. Your consciousness of the is is more and more degraded by your ego-generated thoughts of isn’t.
How many of your thoughts are out of sync with the infinitely abundant universe? Don’t have this. Can’t do that. Aren’t something or other. “Not” is not part of the universe but only exists in human consciousness. The chair that you are sitting on is real. The device on which you are reading this is real. So are your dreams. Your dreams are real. Your dreams exist. They are part of reality Your dreams, hopes, visions, wishes. Exist and real.
It is the not having that is not real. NOT having NOT real. Not having is only a concept created by the ego based on expectations
The universe, this world has many, many cars. That’s reality. Buicks, Chevys, Fords, Mercedes, BMW’s, Toyotas, Hondas, Hyundais, Rolls Royces, Bentleys and more. Lots and lots of cars. Many, many millions. Many. This is reality. This is truth. This is the way of the universe.
You observe this day in and day out. Cars of all kind everywhere. Reality. To be observed, appreciated and integrated into your thinking and your life. A man has a Honda. Right there in his driveway. His ego creates “not Porsche” because that’s what he wants, needs, expected, thinks he should have, whatever.
His having a Honda is real. His wanting a Porsche is real. His not having a Porsche is an ego generated concept. One of his neighbors has the same Honda and it never occurs to him that he doesn’t have a Honda. That concept does not haunt him, cause him anxiety, jealousy, envy, pressure.
“Not having a Porsche” is a mind virus. As long as the man who wants one is conscious of “not having” one that will get in the way of his getting and having one. There is no room in the same consciousness for having Porsche and not having Porsche.
The not having consciousness will create feeling and emotions that are not consonant with having. Not- having mind blocks having. Lack consciousness creates lack experience.
Realize that on the is is. Ralize that only existence exists. Your having a Honda exists. Your having a Porsche exists. Your having millions of dollars exists. See it, realize it, appreciate it, live it.
What is is the way it really is. Your dreams and visions is.
Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.
Realize. Appreciate. Experience. Love. Create. Give. Laugh. Enjoy. Rejoice.


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