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Resistance Is Futile

Any attempt to resist or fight poverty and hardship will only intensify the experience of poverty and hardship. All that there is is wealth and abundance. All that there is is having and the experience and  consciousness of not having. When you are cold you don’t try to take away the cold. It canNOT be done. The only solution is to increase the heat. Heat exists. Cold does not. Cold can be experienced. And all that “cold” can ever be is less heat than we would like or expect.

Darkness does not exist. There is only light. Darkness is the perceived relative nonexistence of light. Wealth is real. GET THAT! Your future depends on it. Achieving your dreams depends on it. You can move in the light or fight the darkness.

Become conscious of wealth. All around you. All that there is is Our society is sinking in an accelerating focus on poverty and hardship. And then acting on and living in that consciousness. It is the dominant consciousness and mindset. Never before have so many had so much and been less grateful.

Struggle against darkness or realize and revel in the light. All that there is is light. Light has many avatars. Wealth. Health. Strength. Energy. Love.

Resist the pull of poverty consciousness and those who are promoting it for their own power. Resist those who would manipulate you to your own destruction.

Turn toward the light. See your having. Not having is the negation or nonexistence of having. Anf nonexistence does not and, indeed, cannot exist. There is only having.

Learn it. Love it. Live it. Experience it.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

What is is the way it really is. What is and not what is not.

Live, love, create, give, laugh, enjoy, rejoice.


Winner or Whiner

The choice is yours. At every moment. Winner or whiner. Growth or stagnation.

Realization, appreciation and action. Or darkness consciousness and the attendant results.
Light or darkness. The “loser” is darkness conscious. And darkness literally and absolutely does not exist. The whiner is consciousness of the negative. The whiner is conscious of his own ego generated negation. Always whining and sadness is the product of being conscious of negation. All whining, complaining and sadness is consciousness of the nonexistent.
You can only be sad or worried about value that you imagine does not exist. And the nonexistent, by definition, does not and cannot exist. Worried about being sick? You are worried about the nonexistence of adequate health. You do NOW have health. There is only light. Health is an avatar of light. Sickness is an avatar of darkness. Darkness does not exist. But tumor are real. Are they not? Sure. But the nonexistence of its disappearance does not exist. The nonexistence of the immune response to get rid of it does not exist. The nonexistence of a vibrant future does not exist and can only be imagined and worried about.
Sure bills exist. But the negation of your paying them does not exist and can only be imagined and worried about. Not being able to handle one’s bill is an avatar of darkness. And darkness absolutely and literally does not exist.

Fact: The winner realizes and appreciates the assets, tangible and abstract, that he does have. And operates on that consciousness. The winner instinctively casts down image of nonvalue. The loser whiner clings to his ego’s creation of imagined negation.
It’s very simple. Negation does not exist. Attempting to build one’s day, one’s future, one’s life on what does not exist is folly in the extreme. Building on an imagined foundation is nuts. What you build on an imagined foundation will soon collapse.

Worry, fear, whining are the hallmarks of a loser. And all for nothing. One only worries, fears and whines about nonvalue. One can only worry, fear and whine about what does not exist.
The good news for you. KInda. Is that we have been shifting more and more to a society of whiners. It will, therefore, be a breeze for you to rise to the top. The competition is taking themselves out.

What is is the way it really is. Observation Is power. Judgment is weakness.
Realize, appreciate, be grateful, enjoy, rejoice, WIN. Repeat.