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Your “Unfair” Advantage

Never whine or complain.
Never blame others for where you are in life.
Do not expect others to rescue you, take care of you or fix your life.
Take responsibility for your own life.
In other words be an adult.
If you do this, actually be an adult, you will be well ahead of 90+% of others.
Do not hope, expect or want some politician to force others to give you your way or take from others to provide for you. Life doesn’t work that way. It is a trap. Nobody is coming to rescue you from life.
We live in a world of children. If you are willing to be an adult, you have an extraordinary advantage. An advantage well beyond what any college education can confer on you. It may well be considered to be “unfair”. Whatever that might be. But it is an advantage available to anybody. Take it.
Always be grateful. APPRECIATE. Stop the judgement. APPPRECIATE. And grow. Don’t judge where you are. Appreciate where you are and what you have. It truly is all good. Your ego conjures the negative. The isn’t, the negative does not exist but is only imagined, a product of your ego’s judgments.
Why is whining and complaining so wrong. Because it is always about the not, what isn’t, the negative. Whining about what does not exist is insanity itself.
Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.
God is good. He created the is. Resist the temptation to live in the isn’t. Cast down images of isn’t. Cast down imaginations of no value.
Observe. Appreciate. Enjoy. Rejoice. Grow and expand.


Oh Yeah?

When she was around 12, my niece was diagnosed with a learning disability. Three years ago she was graduated magna from Penn (which at the time, was ranked by U.S. News as tied with Stanford in their college rankings right behind Harvard, Princeton and Yale). Yesterday she received her diploma from Harvard Law School. She made law review there two years ago. Not bad. Needless to say she was a stellar high school student. Also fun, decent, sweet, charming and thoroughly likeable. I would also mention beautiful, but this is about character, so won’t.

I am now wondering if that silly diagnosis perhaps somehow helped set things in motion to get her to where she is today. Quite possibly.

Never but never accept limitations that other people try to place on you. Never ever accept the limitations that you try to put on you.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Realize, appreciate, celebrate. Create, contribute, live, love, laugh. Enjoy. Rejoice.


An extraordinary privilege accrues to those who take responsibility for their own lives rather than blaming others for where they are and expecting others to get then to where they want to be. Living a life of self-control and self-discipline definitely confers an advantage. A solid work ethic goes a long way toward acquiring a privilege. A positive attitude and appreciative spirit will promote a body above those of a complaining and ungrateful way. Being pleasant and friendly will serve you a lot better than being otherwise.

Choose to be privileged.

Resistance Is Futile

Any attempt to resist or fight poverty and hardship will only intensify the experience of poverty and hardship. All that there is is wealth and abundance. All that there is is having and the experience and  consciousness of not having. When you are cold you don’t try to take away the cold. It canNOT be done. The only solution is to increase the heat. Heat exists. Cold does not. Cold can be experienced. And all that “cold” can ever be is less heat than we would like or expect.

Darkness does not exist. There is only light. Darkness is the perceived relative nonexistence of light. Wealth is real. GET THAT! Your future depends on it. Achieving your dreams depends on it. You can move in the light or fight the darkness.

Become conscious of wealth. All around you. All that there is is Our society is sinking in an accelerating focus on poverty and hardship. And then acting on and living in that consciousness. It is the dominant consciousness and mindset. Never before have so many had so much and been less grateful.

Struggle against darkness or realize and revel in the light. All that there is is light. Light has many avatars. Wealth. Health. Strength. Energy. Love.

Resist the pull of poverty consciousness and those who are promoting it for their own power. Resist those who would manipulate you to your own destruction.

Turn toward the light. See your having. Not having is the negation or nonexistence of having. Anf nonexistence does not and, indeed, cannot exist. There is only having.

Learn it. Love it. Live it. Experience it.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

What is is the way it really is. What is and not what is not.

Live, love, create, give, laugh, enjoy, rejoice.

Break The Cycle

Poverty consciousness always produces poverty experience. ALWAYS.

Poverty and lack consciousness gives rise to government poverty programs which, as they based on poverty consciousness, always increases the experience of poverty. Which creates the demand for more poverty programs. Which necessarily create a greater experience of poverty and hardship. Which intensifies poverty and lack consciousness which leads to more demand for poverty programs which create more poverty experience. Which generates a more intense poverty and lack consciousness demanding ever more poverty and hardship relief programs which are leading to collapse.

As Einstein said, you cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created that problem. More of the same is stagnation and disaster itself. Doing the same thing over and over expecting different results is utter foolishness.

Break the cycle. Appreciate and celebrate wealth. Realize and honor wealth. Focus on having.

Realize, appreciate, celebrate, create, expand, give, love, laugh, smile, love. Be grateful, enjoy, rejoice.