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Judgement Sucks

Judgment sucks the bright light of the positive into the dark black hole of the negative.

Judgment sucks the is into the black hole of nothingness.

Judgment sucks light into the black hole of darkness.

Judgment sucks wealth into the black hole of poverty.

Judgment sucks potential into the black hole of frustration.

Judgment sucks vitality into the black hole of infirmity.

Judgment sucks joy into the black hole of worry, fear and anxiety.

Judgment sucks realization, appreciation and gratitude into the black hole of nothingness.

It is realization, appreciation and gratitude that drives success, progress and growth.

Judgment sucks success, progress and growth into the black hole of nothingness.

Judgment creates the negative. Which does not and cannot exist.

The negative is negation or nonexistence. The negative is the negation or nonexistence of something.

Judge not lest you bring that judgment upon you. Judge not lest you live a life filtered through and limited by your judgments.

Judge not lest you bring the destructive negative into your life and experiences.

Judge not lest you filer all the blessings flowing into your life and divert them into the black hole of nothingness.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Light and only light exists. Darkness is the perceived relative nonexistence of light. Darkness is the product of judgment. Not as light as you thought it would be, think it should be or used to be at another time or place. Not as light as it could be. As you want to be. As you plan to make it. But light nonetheless. There is light. Light is.

It is dark because of your judgment, evaluation, perception. Even if there is absolute absence of light, it is nonexistence perceived. But nonexistence nonetheless.

Light and only light exists. Darkness is nonexistence perceived. Judgment. In the same way there is only wealth. Poverty is another avatar of darkness. Which does not exist. Poverty is judging not what I think should be, not what could be, not what used to be.

Only the positive exists. The negative is the nonexistence of the positive. And does not exist.

Judgment creates the negative and is a drag on success, prosperity, success and growth.

(What about murder, theft, lies, cheating, assault and battery? Don’t judge wrong doing? These have already been judged by God to be evil. No further judgment required.)

It is is aligning with the positive that drives success, progress, growth and prosperity. Aligning with the is. The negative is nonexistence and as such has no energy, no power, no volume and no mass. The negative is by its very nature nothingness. It has nothing to give. It sucks energy and power out of your life. It is no value. None. It sucks value out of your life. It destroys life and value.

Value and only value exists.  Energy, vitality, resources, goods, wealth. Realize the is. Appreciate the is. Grow from there.

You can experience exponential growth and success once the judgment stops and the appreciation flourishes.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.



An extraordinary privilege accrues to those who take responsibility for their own lives rather than blaming others for where they are and expecting others to get then to where they want to be. Living a life of self-control and self-discipline definitely confers an advantage. A solid work ethic goes a long way toward acquiring a privilege. A positive attitude and appreciative spirit will promote a body above those of a complaining and ungrateful way. Being pleasant and friendly will serve you a lot better than being otherwise.

Choose to be privileged.

Einstein and Baltimore

Albert Einstein had something to say about the problems represented by the recent events in Baltimore. The great man said that you cannot solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created the problem.
Unfortunately there are many who say that we have to do more of the same. More of the same! More of the policies and programs that got us to this mess. How could anybody think that treating people as though they are helpless and unable to cope with life would result in anything good and beautiful. How could anybody think that treating people as less than the magnificent and able creature that they are allow them to grow and actualize their potential?
It is widely recognized that feeding wild animals tends to make them dependent and unable to handle life on their own. Now how much higher and more capable are human beings? Infinitely more. And yet we have made people dependent and stunted their growth and development. How much more fortunate are the wild animals. Why are they treated with more respect? Because they have no vote. People, on the other hand, can easily be bought off, easily convince to sell their lives, potential and futures so cheaply.
It has been said, although not by Einstein, that doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Actually that sounds more like foolishness, In any case, what we have been doing is a crime against humanity. It doesn’t work. The only right and decent thing to do is to reverse course. Now. Before more generations are destroyed. Along with our economy and social order.

Adventure or Problem OS

How do you see life? As a series of problems from which to be rescued? Or as an adventure to be embraced? Really? Are you being honest with yourself?

This is the basic choice that you face. Which operating system will be the foundation for your life and your future. One will lead to growth, success, prosperity and happiness. The other to stagnation, frustration, struggle and unhappiness.

Embracing life as an adventure and everything as a stepping stone propels you onward and upward. Seeing life as a problem from which to be rescued or protected is a worldview of failure and of the “loser”.

The world has been shifting more and more from adventure to problem mindset. And this is dragging our economy and society down, down, down. Are you part of the problem or are you part of the heroic solution? Are you sure?

Do you get excited by politicians who encourage people to see problems? Do you support the politician who offers the most to rescue people from their “problems”? Really? Geeez. I thought you new better.

Really?!?! Supporting politicians who offer to extricate people from the adventure that is their life. Condemning them to stagnation and frustration.

Glorious adventure. Or problem and struggle. Give no energy to the problem consciousness.

It’s all good.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Live, love, laugh. create, give, enjoy, realize. relax, rejoice

What You See Is What We Get

What you see is what you get. What you judge is what you experience. Judge not lest you live a life filtered through your judgment. We are now living in a world that seems to be spinning out of control. Spiraling downward in an accelerating turbulent vortex.

All there is out there is wealth, stuff, provision. All you see, all you have ever seen all you will ever see is wealth. Big wealth. Little wealth. Stuff. What is is the way it really is. People are becoming more focused on what isn’t. A hysterical crescendo of negativity. And all that is and can ever be is positive. It is the awareness and consciousness of the negative, the not, that is behind all the disturbing and unpleasant headlines. If the trend of negativity continues collapse, total economic and social collapse, is assured. And still all that will ever be is the positive. It is only people’s experiences that will be hell on earth.

I see poor people. Poor people everywhere. Is that your mantra? It is to most people. It is the constant theme of the news media (from what I gather, I never pay attention to those mongers of the what isn’t). It is the major tool that politicians use to manipulate and pander to people.

Appreciation and gratitude. And the growth, success and happiness that result. Or negative consciousness and its darkness, struggle, stagnation and decline. Always the choice.

Having is real. Stuff is real. Everywhere stuff. Trees, sky, clouds, grass, cars, buildings big and small, houses, skyscrapers, huts, clothes, computers, toys, furniture, crops, gems and metals. On and on and on. Stuff. Wealth. You see it. Poverty is a concept. The ego creation of the isn’t. Isn’t and haven’t. Is not and have not. And all that is and all that is real, is the is. What is is the way it really is.

Our society is descending into an orgy of poverty consciousness with an attendant increasing poverty experience. If this continues total collapse and horror will result. The majority of people are more and more experiencing poverty, hardship and struggle. They have been more and more manipulated into a consciousness of lack and the negative. They have allowed themselves to fall prey to media and politicians who are using them for their own power and advancement.

The expanding negative consciousness is driving policies and programs based on this expanding darkness. It can be no other way. Politics and government policy is an expression of the dominant consciousness. As people are becoming more poverty and lack conscious and focused, policy becomes aligned to produce the confirmation of that way of thinking. Poverty consciousness results in poverty programs which must produce a greater experience of poverty.

Do you see poverty? Or do you appreciate wealth? Do you get sucked in by the political poverty pimps? Poverty programs, all poverty programs, are based on a poverty consciousness and can only produce a greater experience of poverty. Period. No two ways about it. Poverty programs will ALWAYS increase poverty. How could it be any other way? And then the increased experience of poverty intensifies the poverty experience which demands more poverty relief which increases the poverty experience. Which produces greater demands for relief. Which increases miser which…..

Let’s break this cycle before total collapse

Will you insist on seeing the not of poverty? Or will you steadfastly hold to your vision of abundance and prosperity? Will you realize, experience and appreciate wealth and abundance. Will you see what is? Or will you create visions of what isn’t? After you have created them will you cast them aside?

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgments of poverty are weakness.

Live, create, give, laugh, smile, enjoy, rejoice. Rinse and repeat.


Nation of Negative

The politics and government of negativity is dragging this country down. More and more people are experiencing, hardship and struggle. If left unchecked this negativity-caused decline will lead, must lead to collapse. There is hope. Rejecting government of, by and for the negative and embracing the positive will produce a dramatic change for the better and result in never ending progress, prosperity and abundance. Positive is progressive. The negative is regressive and destructive. Who can argue? As long as we are driven by the current negativity-driven policies, we can expect more of the same.

It is universally accepted that a positive outlook, an appreciative and grateful mindset and approach to life is the foundation and fountainhead of success, growth, prosperity and progress. And that a negative consciousness is a sure formula for failure, stagnation and decline. The positive realizes, appreciates and builds on what is. The negative is focused on the worthless isn’t. The negative is the nonexistent. The nonexistence of something or other. Aligning oneself with the nonexistent negative is a death sentence. It can be no other way. The nonexistent has no being, no value, no energy and has nothing to give in return. It is a deadly black hole.

We are being held back by the dominant negativity outlook. It has become all about the not. All about what isn’t. A sure formula for failure and frustration. As the negative is the nonexistence or nothingness of something, it literally does not exist and can only be perceived and then experienced. It cannot be created or destroyed only perceived. Attempting to destroy or diminish it is a waste of time and resources. Waging war against the negative can only and, in fact, does destroy value that does exist.

The positive always realizes, appreciate and is grateful for the value that is. This is the dynamic for growth and success.

We have thrown our treasure and our future into the voracious black hole of negativity. We have spent and continue to spend trillions on the negative. Borrowed trillion, taxed trillions. Our fortune and our future. The future of generations to come. Thrown into the black hole of negativity. Insanity itself.

All of the nation’s energy and consciousness is focused on not having, not being and not doing. A total negative focus. It has become a focus to the point of obsession with the negative. It’s all about what people do not have and what is not. Not having this that or the other thing. Not having enough money for something or other. And negation focus has progressively expanded. There was time when poor meant not having food or a roof over one’s head. Then it came to mean not having as much as most others. Then not having all that modern technology has to offer. There are those who have progressed to the point of saying that 99% are poor despite all that they might have.

Success, growth, progress and prosperity are a function of realizing, appreciating and focusing on the positive, what is. Poverty is the nonexistence of wealth or provision. It cannot be destroyed. Attempting to do so can only destroy wealth. The nations only hope is to focus on and celebrate wealth and those who create it. There is no other way. A one hundred eighty degree turn from the negative to the positive will give us a never ending increase in wealth prosperity and progress. Continuing to war against poverty, and wealth, will bring collapse, chaos and extraordinary suffering.

Positive good, negative bad. What’s so hard to understand about that? Problems or blessings? You make your choice when you choose on how you frame your view. It all flows from that.

Politics of Negativity, Politics of Destruction

What we have been experiencing economically and socially is a result of the paradigm on which we are operating. As this paradigm is the foundation of the system and policies under which we live, it is essential that we identify and understand exactly what it is. Unless we first identify and then change that paradigm people will continue to experience ever increasing hardship and struggle. Stagnation decline and eventual collapse will be assured without a fundamental change as a result of a new consciousness.

Our country and its economy are being destroyed by the politics of negativity. We are now under government by, for and of the negative. Not a good thing. A destructive thing. It is an enormous drag on our economy. It is the obstacle to growth, expansion, prosperity, and progress. It is well established that a negative mindset and outlook is the formula for failure, stagnation and decline.

If we continue with this negativity, then we can expect an expanding experience of poverty, struggle and hardship. If we continue with this negativity, then stagnation, decline and eventual collapse are inevitable. If we reject this loser operating system then the sky is the limit. If we embrace the focus of the winner, then growth, progress and prosperity will follow. (The irony is that more and more people are realizing that a positive outlook is essential to success, growth, prosperity and happiness. There is ever increasing evidence and support for the idea that a positive, appreciative outlook is the foundation of success and growth. Indisputable. Yet when it comes to government and politics the same people, who recognize and apply this dynamic in their own lives this dynamic are all in for the negative.)

Whereas the negative approach, mindset, focus, consciousness is counterproductive at the very least. And whereas the positive is positive, that is, productive, life affirming and conducive to success, growth and progress. There can only be one and only one explanation for all the crises, problems and hardship: The Poison of Negativity. And the only solution has to be a 180 degree turn to the positive winner approach.

Over the past few decades government policy has become increasingly about the negative. We have thrown and still continue to throw trillions of dollars into the black hole of the negative. And to compound this suicidal folly of warring against the negative, we are also attacking the positive. With this lose-lose operating system it is a wonder that we have not already collapsed. This is only because there are still people who live their personal lives on an operating system of positive focus.

The drag, the obstacle that we are facing is an expanding negative focus. If cursing the darkness is foolish, and it is, then conducting an aggressive war against darkness is insanity itself. Light exists while darkness is only the perceived relative nonexistence of light. That is why cursing, struggling against, or working to exterminate darkness is utter nonsense, counterproductive and even dangerous. For decades the U. S. government has increasingly fought a war against darkness to the detriment of our economy, our society and our culture. Poverty is another avatar of darkness. It does not exist. Poverty is the negative, negation or nonexistence of having and as such does not exist. Poverty is the perceived relative nonexistence of wealth. As nonexistence does not exist, the nonexistence of wealth does not exist. Attempting to wipe out or diminish poverty is utter insanity. A total waste of effort and resources.

YOU CANNOT DESTROY A NEGATIVE. The negative is the nonexistence of something or other and nonexistence does not exist. The negative does not exist. It is only a concept in the mind, a product of the ego. Since the negative does not exist attempting to destroy it is foolish and can actually be dangerous. A man is confronted by a ferocious bear. He shoots at the bear. The bullet stops the bear. And the bear stops the bullet. Success! The man saves himself and perhaps others. A totally different scenario: the crazed bear exists only in the man’s mind. He shoots. At the very least he wasted a bullet. Then there is the question of what his bullet did hit as there was no bear to stop it. Perhaps a tree. Or maybe it went the distance and dropped to the ground. Of course, here are other horrific possibilities which there are no need to mention.

In this way warring against the nonexistent, the negative, is wasteful and dangerous. Long term destruction is guaranteed. Another affect is that the war against the imagined only enhances the experience of that thing that does not exist. A man thinks he sees a little green man outside his window in the shadows of dusk. Not really there of course. He laughs it off and goes about his business. Another less sensible man has the same experience. His neighbors are not quite so lucky. He takes up his shotgun against the imaginary enemy. Shot is flying everywhere. What will he destroy? What will he kill?
The second man’s experience of his minds creation intensifies as he escalates his reactions to it. The first man forgets about his mind’s creation and the unpleasant experience is short-lived. Battling against or even worrying about not ferocious bear or not little green is insanity itself. The essence of insanity is imagining what’s not there. Voices, people, monsters, green extraterrestrials, crazed bears, whatever.
Two important facts: The more you struggle against a perception of nonexistence, the greater and more prolonged experience of that nonexistence. Actively fighting the nonexistent is always wasteful and usually destructive. You cannot destroy the nonexistent so your bullets, whether literal or figurative, will inevitably find some target.

We as a country have been experience more and more hardship, struggle, poverty and crises because of our negativity, our perceptions of nonexistence. Over the past few decades we have waged an unprecedented war against the nonexistent. We have thrown trillions of dollars, largely borrowed dollars!, into a war against poverty. Poverty is all about not having. It is the negation of having. Poverty is the perceived relative absence, nonexistence or lack of wealth.
Poverty consciousness, consciousness of the negative, has been steadily increasing over the past few decades. There was a time when poverty meant not having food or a roof over your head. Then it came to mean not having what most others have, or not having the latest and the best. There are now those pushing the idea that anybody who is not in the top one percent is poor and oppressed. Expanding negativity. And this has come to be viewed as the morally superior outlook rather than being an advocate of darkness.

Darkness does not exist. There is only light. Darkness is the perceived relative lack of light. Even though darkness does not exist it is perceived by people in darkness (which does not exist!) Poverty is an avatar of darkness. Wealth is real. Poverty is the ego’s judgment of “not enough”. Judge not lest you be judged. And we, as a nation, certainly are living our judgment of struggle and hardship.

We as a nation are drowning in an increasing negativity consciousness. This is a trend that started several decades ago and has been accelerating over recent years. Government policy has necessarily been based on the dominant consciousness. With predictable results. A negative outlook will always produce stagnation, failure, decline and, if left to run its course, collapse.

Many would blame Obama. Obama is not the cause But rather the symptom. He is the perfect expression of the dominant consciousness which elevated him to power. He is the outcropping of the negative poverty and hardship consciousness. His policies are the perfect expression of the lack and poverty consciousness that has progressively spread over the land over the past few decades. He is all about poverty and lack. All about the negative consciousness rather than the positive appreciation and gratitude mindset.

Success is a function of realizing and appreciating value. Failure is a result of denying or failing to see value. Whining and complaining, that is, judging condemn people to live those judgments.

What is is the way it really is. The isn’t is a product of the human ego.
Observation is power. Judgment is failure.
Appreciate, expand, progress, grow, create, give, love, laugh, smile, enjoy, rejoice.