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Give and Grow

Millions and ever more millions of Americans are experiencing struggle, hardship, frustration and despair because the fundamental law of economics has been largely abandoned. More than abandoned. The fundamental law of economics has been reversed. And unless this changes things will continue to decline and eventually collapse. It can be no other way.

Give and it shall be given unto you. Contribute and it shall be given unto you. Create value and you will prosper. Involve yourself in creating more and you will get more. What is so difficult to understand about that? How could such a basic principle be controversial? And yet it is.

This paradigm has been turned on its head. Now standard operating procedure for most people is to continually demand to be given more. Most politicians encourage and enable this in order to acquire and maintain power. Millions of weak and gullible allow themselves to be manipulated into taking the suicidal life course of taking and consuming in order to expand.

Contribute and it shall be given unto you. Continually demand that more be given you and you will never have enough. Never.

You expand by creating, by producing value. You expand by contributing to the pie. Your life and your sphere expand as you produce value. Life is an adventure to be embraced. Ant not a problem from which to be rescued. All too many people have come to expect to be rescued from life. Stepping up to the challenges of life results in growth. Demanding to be rescued from life delivers you from life.

Being delivered from life delivers you into something other than life. Other than life is death. We have millions of living dead. We have a land more and more populated by zombies. People who have not grown to the challenges of modern life. People who are not capable of handing life in the big modern world in which they now live.

Americans who are contracting do not need to be given the opportunity to take even more, they need to step up and be more. There is no other way. Encouraging and perpetuating the current dynamic truly is a crime against humanity and especially a crime against the children who are being brought into the current destructive system.

Give and it shall be given unto you. If you want more, then step up and be more. Be more and grow. Grow and contribute more. Contribute more have more. Demand that more be given you and you will continue to shrink. There is no alternative. Until we learn this lesson our economy and society are at great peril.