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How’s It Going?

Your only problem is that you think problem. Problems do not exist. Not one. Get that truth and the world is your oyster. It is not a point of view. It is reality minus pointy of view.

By the grace of God, extraordinary opportunities pour into my life. China, India, Central America, the UAE, Russia and here. An unstoppable flow. No effort of my own. Ego out of the way. Judgment out of the way. Thank you GOD. This afternoon a gentleman from India is coming to my office to meet a gentleman who is leaving to go back to Dubai. Truly amazing. I am so grateful.

Realization, appreciation, gratitude and then growth. What you perceive you will experience. Problems or blessings? Blessings are real. Problems are always judgment. Judge not for surely you will live life filtered through your judgments. Life is an adventure to be embraced and not a problem to be solved. These days most people want to be extricated from their lives. Taken out of their lives and be delivered to a walking. Consider politics. And then run in the other direction. Everybody looking for others to deliver them from life. Protect me, take care of me. Rob other people so that I can survive.

So how is it going for you? You have been taking to heart what I write. Haven’t you? Definitely too much for people who want to hold on to their problem way of life. We are facing total collapse because we live in a society that is more and more obsessed with problems. Never before have so many had so much and been less grateful

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

It’s all good.

Live, love laugh, produce, enjoy, rejoice.


Adventure or Problem

Life is an adventure to be embraced rather a problem to be solved. Life is an adventure to be embraced rather than a problem from which to be rescued.

People think that life happens to them and they demand that what happens to them be changed. They insist that they and others be rescued from life. Being rescued from life is being rescued out of life, that is, taken out of life. And being taken out of life is to be less alive. To be rescued out of life is to make one less alive and robbed of being prepared for the next stage. Or to be totally robbed of even taking the next step. Millions of Americans have been so rescued that they are totally unprepared for life. They are zombies, walking dead. Just existing and trying to get through the day hoping that somebody will continue to take care of them. No hopes, no dreams, no evolution, no growth. Not much of a life. To them life is a problem from which they hope to be perpetually rescued rather than an adventure and joy to be embraced.

Over the past few decades more and more Americans have been joining the ranks of the demi-human. That’s the real story of news about the economy or society. We have been diverging into two Americas. Those who allow ourselves to go through or push through the acorn-bursting fires. Fires that burst the acorn giving the oak tree within a chance to be and grow. And those who are always shrinking from and demanding to be rescued. Of course few if any of us are always one or the other. Politicians and government are increasingly dragging people down, holding them back and destroying them by rescuing them from the evolutionary fire. All in the interest of their own power. Support me, vote for me and I will rescue you. You are too stupid, too small and too weak to do it on your own. Let me rescue you from life. Which is to be rescued from living. To be a little less alive.

Which is an ugly, deadly viscous cycle. Being rescued keeps you from growing past that challenge and emerging bigger and stronger to take on the next level. It is a self-fulfilling and self-justifying approach. Keeping people small and stuck at the same level.

We already have the more that we are looking for. All problems are perceptions of nonexistence. And as such, problems literally do not exist. Nonexistence does not exist and can only be perceived. Problems are only perceptions. Perceptions of nonexistence. Nonexistence of money. Nonexistence of enough money for this, that or some other thing. The nonexistence-PERCEIVED NONEXISTENCE-of strength, energy. value or power. The nonexistence of opportunity. The nonexistence of some desired level of health and vitality.

There is only light. Darkness literally and absolutely does not exist.

Poverty is the perceived nonexistence of money. There is only wealth.

There is only health, ability, beauty, power, energy, vitality, opportunity.

Not being does not exist and is not real or true.

Not is a judgment. All judgment involves the not. It is a creation of the ego rather than reality and truth. Judge and you will live a life filtered through those judgments.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Live, realize, appreciate, expand, experience. Enjoy and rejoice.