Where Are You Coming From?

Your only problem is that you come from problem. You come from problem rather than blessing and appreciation. Focus on problem, then continue experiencing problems. Experience problems and you focus even more on problems further exacerbating the experiencing of problems.

We live in a society more and more focused on perceived problems. And more and more moving away from blessing consciousness and appreciation. Our only problem is the perception of the nonexistent, that is, problems. All problems -ALL PROBLEMS- are the perception of the relative nonexistent. There is no such thing as darkness, but only light. Darkness is ego’s perceived relative nonexistence of light.

People are descending into an orgy of darkness focus. And there is only light. Take your stand for light. Your life and future depend on it.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. All of your problems are judgment rather than observation.

Realize, appreciate, enjoy, rejoice.

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