Loaves and Fishes: Nickels and Dimes

You’re familiar with the story of Jesus feeding thousands with the bread and fish of one person’s lunch. Even more mind blowing is that after everybody had had their fill, they ended up with more than they started with. Leftovers in abundance. Jesus said that we would do even greater works. Here is the formula for abundance,

He never saw it not being enough. Surely his disciples, as would everybody else, saw “isn’t enough” and “isn’t going to work”. Jesus never saw the isn’t. He saw the is. He saw what was. He saw the truth. Which was? We have bread, we have fish, we have guests to serve, let’s get to work.

The formula for success. The formula for prosperity. The prosperity for growth and expansion. Appreciating the is. Appreciating assets. Casting aside all vain images. Images of no value. Images of nonexistence. Images of the negative. Can’t and don’t have are not real. Stop your whining and get on with it.

Loaves and fishes, nickels and dimes, tens, hundreds, thousands of dollars. Realize, appreciate, and oh yeah, BLESS-speak well of. Action was, and still is, a also a necessary component. The miraculous multiplication only occurred as the food was distributed and not before. Action based on faith that it will work.

Realize that you have. Appreciate what you have. Celebrate what you have. Bless what you have. Act on what you have and where you want to be, what you want to achieve.

The key is to drop the perceptions of nonexistence. Nonexistence just doesn’t exist. It can be perceived and then experienced. Your choice. A foolish choice because it isn’t and will hold you back and bring you down. And still it’s all 100% good. Because only the positive exists. Negation can only be imagined.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

What is is the way it really is. Resist the world’s push to the negative, the dark side.

Realize, appreciate, celebrate, create, contribute, love, laugh, enjoy, rejoice

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