Eden Is Now

Before the fall, Adam and Eve totally lived in the now. Never rehashing the past. No concern for the future. How can I know such a thing. It’s obvious. Why do you ruminate about the past? Two reasons. One is that you are reliving your mistakes and things you wish you had done better or differently. Before the fall, they had no such experiences. You also escape to the past when the present is unsatisfactory so you revel in past glory. Those first folks had no unhappiness, worry, fear, anxiety or frustration from which to escape.

 No need to live in the past. And no worries or fears about the future. Nor any need to dream about a better future. They lived in the here and now. Or the there and then 🙂

 The point is that you too can experience the joy, perfection, fullness, flow and abundance of Eden. You can experience paradise. All your worries, fears, regrets and anxiety are a function of thoughts of the past or future. And that is all that they are thoughts.

And everything that worries you, causes you fear or anxiety is nonexistent. All your fears, worries and sorrows are a function of perceiving the not, the negative, the nonexistent. Not being able to do something or other. Not having something or other. Not is negative is the nonexistent. Everything that brings you down is nonexistent. Literally and absolutely. And nonexistent as the negative perceptions are, they are the ONLY things holding you back or keeping you down. Just thoughts that don’t line up with the is-ness of the universe.

It is your thoughts of the nonexistent that don’t sync with the is-ness of reality. And are all that stand in the way of your abundance sync.

Get in the present. When you notice any thoughts that are causing you uneasiness remind yourself that it’s just a thought and then return to your absolutely perfect here and now.


 Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

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