The Power Point

From the now you can get anywhere and achieve anything. Most people spend most of their time elsewhere.  Worried about the future. Planning the future. Reliving the past with either regrets or satisfaction.

Now. That is all that there is. Actually there are only two times. Now and not now. Not now includes everything from a minute ago to a year ago all the way through to the beginning of time. Not now is the is the negation of now. Not now is the nonexistence of now. And nonexistence does not exist. Existence and only existence exists. Nonexistence can only being imagined and then experienced. In this way not now does not exist. In this way only now exists. In this way there is only one time: NOW.

All power is in the now. Makes perfect sense. Only now is real. Spending time in the nonexistent is a power drain.

Start where you are (Now). Use what you have. Do what you can.

All three are positive. All three pull away from the dark, worthless destructive nonexistent. Sart where you are. Don’t fret about where you are not. Don’t concerned yourself with the nonexistence of where you are.

Use what you have. Rather than drag yourself down with images of nonexistence of having. You have what you have. That is reality and powerful. Images of what you perceive yourself not having are merely useless imagined destructive perceptions-vain imaginations. Worthless images. Images of no value. Images that are a liability in your quest for progress, growth, prosperity and joy.

Do what you can. What you can’t is not real but only imagined nonexistence. What you can’t is only the imagined nonexistence of can.

The success formula, start, use, do- is all positive. It separates you from the imagined darkness of the nonexistent. Aligning yourself and your life with the is aligns you with the universe which is the is. The universe is the totality of all that there is. All the is makes up the universe. Success is a function if being in sync with the universe.

Success is being in sync with the infinitely abundant universe.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. Judgment of your circumstances is the source of the negative. The deadly, destructive dark negative. Light and only light exists, There is no darkness. Only light. Darkness is only the perceived relative nonexistence of light. And nonexistence does not exist. So the nonexistence of light does not exist.

Realization and appreciation is the key. One can only realize and appreciate the is, the positive.

Realize, appreciate, grown, create, give, love, laugh, rejoice, enjoy.

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