Say YES to the Moment

This moment. Say YES to this very moment. It may seem unacceptable. But it is the current stepping stone to achieving your dreams and goals. It may SEEM. But it is your perfect now. Inhabit it. Be present. Cast down your judgments. Appreciate. Realize all the value in that moment. The health, strength, assets and opportunities.

When your walking through the valley of the shadow of death, keep walking. And realize that it is only the shadow and not the real thing.

Keep walking. Be in the moment. Appreciate. Keep walking. Walking toward the prize. Keep walking. And appreciating. And praising the author of all your blessings.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is. Not is not. Isn’t isn’t. The universe is totally, absolutely 100% positive. Realize it. Appreciate it. Live it.

Appreciate, be thankful, live, love, laugh, create, love, enjoy, rejoice.

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