Say YES to You

Say yes to your talents and abilities. Say yes to your income and assets. Say yes to your vitality and energy. Say yes to your beauty. Say yes to your accomplishments. Say yes to your charm and likability.
Say yes to you. All of the above is real. All of the above is there. Appreciate it, cherish it, celebrate it. Revel in it. Live and move in it. Be in it. Be in the consciousness of it.
You have talents and ability. You are talented and able. You have income and assets (if only the clothes on your back). You have wealth, you are wealthy. If you are breathing, you have health and vitality. You are healthy. You have beauty. Yes, you. You are beautiful. You are accomplished, charming and likable.
And yes you can be more and have more. But right now you have it all. You’re the man, or woman. Know it. Love it. Live it.
It truly is all good. And people are experiencing hardship and struggle because they just don’t get that. Perceiving and then fighting against the negative is a losing proposition. The negative is not real. There is only is. Isn’t isn’t. The universe in which we live is totally absolutely 100% positive. Success, progress and happiness are a function of being in sync with that fundamental truth.
What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.
Live, love, laugh, create, enjoy, rejoice.

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