Making a Difference? Really?

Fighting the darkness. Or celebrating light. The vast majority of people who fancy themselves as making a difference  are actually exacerbating the problem. Yes, those who think that they are part of the solution are pouring their energy into the problem.

Cursing the darkness or celebrating light. More and more people are becoming warriors of darkness. Poverty, struggle and hardship. DARKNESS. Nonexistence. They nonexistence of wealth and provision and ability. The negative. And the negative cannot be destroyed or diminished. It can only be perceived and then experienced. Fight against it and you give it your energy and make it seem so much more real. Fight against it and you give energy to the experience of it. The experience and only the experience.

Most who a see themselves as making a difference are. They are giving energy to the nonexistent darkness. We spend trillions fighting the darkness and millions and more millkions are being trapped in the experience of the negative. But people get to feed their egos because they are “making a difference”.

Part of the problem or part of the solution? Fighting darkness? Or appreciating and celebrating light? Experience darkness or live in light?

Appreciate, experience and celebrate light. Enjoy the expanding waves of light enveloping you and flowing toward those around you. And beyond.

Realize, appreciate, give thanks, enjoy, rejoice, live, love, laugh, produce. Celebrate light I all of its avatars.

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