Shifting Into The Positive

Your neighbor asks if you are going to the grocery store. You say no. Negative is no way to live. Shift into the positive. Shift into the is.  Align yourself with what is rather than what isn’t.

I went yesterday.

I’m going tomorrow; do you need anything?

My husband is stopping on the way home.

I’m staying home today.

Why do you ask?

How often do you say “I don’t know”?


Positive shift:

That’s a good question. Who knows?! Let me get back to you. Try doing an internet search. If you’d like, I’ll find out for you. I was wondering about  that myself. Let’s find out. You should ask Joe.

You go where you do. You are where you are. You know what you do know. All the rest is a conceptualization of the nonexistent.

Do you have a million dollars? Don’t say no. Do not even think no. Shift into the positive. I have forty-seven dollars and eighty-two cents. WHOO-HOO!! So grateful and appreciative.

Always align you awareness and being with the the reality of the is. What is rather than your perceptions of the not.

The positive thinker may say he doesn’t have a million but he sure will one day. One day never comes. It’s always now. And your subconscious knows it.

Always be in sync with the abundance of the all positive reality. Be in sync with the all positive and all abundant universe. Set yourself outside of that is setting yourself in opposition to it.

Realize, appreciate, give thanks, laugh, enjoy, rejoice, create.




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