Choose What You Choose to See

Choose what you choose to see.
What you see is what you will get. What you see is what you will experience.
What do you see? What do you choose to see?
When you look at the world around what do you choose to see? Your home. What do you choose to see? Your neighborhood. What do you choose to see?
Do you see poverty and lack? Or do you see abundance and wealth? Do you see light or do you experience darkness? Light exists. Darkness does not. Literally and absolutely does not exist. Not fantasy or airy-fairy theory. But science and reason. Darkness does not exist but people experience darkness.
“A man sees in the world what he carries in his heart.” Goethe
The world, the universe is infinitely abundant. There is no isn’t I the great is that is the universe.
Judge not lest you live life filtered through your judgments. As you believe so will you experience. Do you believe in poverty and lack or do you see and appreciate all the stuff that there is. How much time to do spend whining about your circumstances? Not much? Terrific. How much time do you spend whining about other people’s circumstances and the world at large? Probably too much.
Start changing your heart. Turn from your perceptions of darkness and all its avatars. Poverty, lack and hardship are all avatars of darkness. There is only light. There is only wealth, assets and stuff. Poverty is a concept. Debt is a concept. Hardship is an experience.
See and appreciate. Realize and be grateful. The universe truly is all positive and abundant. The rest is human perception and chosen experience.
Realize, appreciate and expand. Realize, appreciate and have an expanded experience of the good stuff that you realize and appreciate.
Realize, appreciate, live, love, enjoy, rejoice.

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