Who’s In Charge?

You make so much fuss about being free, independent. Strong and in charge.
Bull. You spend most of your time being pulled around, pushed around by circumstances, happenings and other people. Happy, sad, angry, frustrated, annoyed, upset, fear, worry, anxiety. REACTIONS. Reactions to what people say, do, might say, might do. Things that did happen, are happening, might happen. Reactions to what people might thought, are thinking, might someday think.
You are pulled around by the nose. By all too many of the world 7 billion people.
Reaction or preaction. Who is in charge? You or everybody around you? Most people have given control over their lives to random strangers. Angry and upset because of some driver who is now miles away and has no clue that they even exist. Get that. Many people allow a driver, who may well be a jerk, set the tone for the rest of their day. Allow that person to drag down their vibrations. They actually allow that person whom they do not even know and hold in utter contempt to divert them from the path of their greater good and higher success. Who’s in charge? The despised stranger. Could anything be more stupid or foolish? Probably not.
This is just one example. Your reactions are ceding control over your life. When you react you are giving up control to circumstances and other people.
Preact. That is the only way to be free, independent and in control. How do you want to feel? Happy, joyous, relaxed, serene? Just do it. Just be it. Why wait for the world to give you permission by lining up with your wishes and commands. Much better to assume your preferred inner position and wait for the world to align with you.
That’s how you take charge. After all it is the feeling, the attitude, the inner experience that you are going for anyway. Want to feel good? Then feel good. Who’s the boss of you? A random collection of other people many of whom are pretty much strangers to you? Or you? Are you the boss of you as you like to remind people? Then be the boss of you. Take charge of how you feel and how you react. Or act rather than react.
You’ll be happy when you become rich. Really? Well, if I were in charge of things I would do you the favor of withholding wealth and success. I wouldn’t want to give you something that would cause you to feel in a way so foreign to you. I would not give you reason to feel in a way that you have not already chosen. I would give you circumstance and experiences that match the way that you have freely chosen to feel. I would give you circumstances and occurrences that match your chosen way of being.
If you reject happiness and serenity now, then you reject happiness and serenity. If you reject happiness and serenity, then you reject that which you think will bring you happiness and serenity.
Choose now. Choose how you will feel now. Now is parent to the next now commony referred to as the future.

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