Syncing With The Universe

You succeed to the degree that you are in sync with the reality of the universe. You succeed in areas in which you are in sync with the truth of the universe. The Wright brothers succeeded because their thoughts, actions and beautiful creation were all in sync with the universe concerning the principles governing flight. Boeing’s current creations are even more in tune with the universe; therefore, they fly even more successfully. Higher, farther, faster, more comfortably.
The whole point to learning is to acquire more understanding of the universe so that we can better operate in that universe. Some information is more useful and conducive to success than other information. And then there is information that is in error and not really information.
Success is getting it right. Whatever it happens to be. One “it” that happens to be useful in all circumstance and endeavors is the fundamental nature of the universe and reality.
Listen up, here it is. What is is the way it really is. The universe is absolutely and perfectly 100% positive. Not wishful thinking or airy-fairy theory. Hard, cold reality without the crap-colored glasses. Fact minus ego. Fact minus judgment.
The universe is all that there is. And all that is is the universe. In that is there is room for everything but the isn’t. There is no isn’t in the is.
All your isn’ts, cannots and have nots have been added to the is by your ego. What is is the way it realy is. Your life will grow and expand to the degree that you let the nots fade away. It is when you are in the flow that life blossoms. Why? Because when you are in flow yur image of no value are forgotten.
Cast down images of nonvalue and watch all areas of your life move in the direction of greater value. Health is a value, or value. Likewise wealth. Cast down images of poverty. Poverty is the absence or nonexistence of having something or other. And nonexistence does not exist. There is no isn’t in the is.
Being, doing and having are values. They are of value. Not being, not doing and not having are the nonexistence of those respective values.
Realize value. Appreciate value. Give thanks for value. People will tell you to practice gratitude. Having a regular gratitude practice will make you happier, healthier and more successful. DO they ever tell you why? It is because gratitude is in sync with universe. It is an acknowledgment of the is-ness of the universe. The universe is the great is.
Realize, appreciate, give thanks. Love, laugh, create, give, enjoy, rejoice and celebrate.

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