Blame or Responsiblity

Blame or Responsibility?
Your choice. Are you blaming others for your life, your circumstance, the challenges you are facing, your state of mind? Or are you taking responsibility for your life and who you are.
Who do you see as being responsible for who, where and what you are? If it’s your parents, then you have given them power and control. Maybe they will read some self-improvement books or attend some weekend seminar that will get them fixed so that they can then around to fixing you. Good luck with that.
If you‘re like many people you blame society, whatever that is. Or “the system”. Believe it or not there are many people who actually blame another race for their life and circumstances.
Responsibility or blame? Two very different paradigms. To whom do you grant power? To whom have you assigned control over your life? If you are blaming somebody rather than taking responsibility, you are denying your power over your own life. If others have done it to you, then others will continue to do it to you. If in your way of thinking others are to blame for where you are and what you are experiencing, then obviously it is other who determine your how life shows up for you.
But you are going to change all that. Others are to blame for who you are, and you are now going to take responsibility for who you will be. Maybe you will. But if your understanding of life is that others have power to have determined your life thus far, what makes you think that such a fundamental dynamic is going to change on your whim? Don’t try having it both ways.
Take responsibility and take back the power. Power you actually had all along. You are more powerful than you can imagine. Accept responsibility for your life. Where you are then where you are planning on being.
There are two kinds of people. Those who always have somebody to blame. And those who accept responsibility for their lives, happiness and futures. You can guess which group is happier, healthier and more prosperous.

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