Attentio Energy Experience

Energy flows where attention goes.

Where are you putting your attention? Experiences of hardship, suffering and poverty?

Or are you putting your attention on the abundance of blessing that surround you and others?

Putting your attention on experiences of hardship and poverty will only empower those experiences and cause them to expand and grow. Putting our attention on and our resources into the experiences of hardship, struggle and poverty can only spread and empower those experiences.

Appreciate blessings. But first you have to open your eyes and realize blessings. Your appreciation is your attention. And as your attention goes to the blessings so will energy. Thus energizing those blessings causing them to expand.

Judge not lest you life life filtered through your judgments. Blessings exist. All around us. That is all there is. The ego’s judgment minimizes, denigrates, snickers at and denies those blessings. Thus creating the experience of lack, poverty, hardship. And then attention to those experiences give them even more life. But just the experience and feeling. That is all they can ever be.

REALIZE BLESSINGS. All around you. All around EVERYBODY! Don’t try to realize blessing around yourself while bemoaning the situation of so many others. As you see others so will you see yourself. AS YOU SEE OTHERS SO WILL YOU SEE YOURSELF.


Live, love, laugh, create, enjoy, rejoice.

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