Realizing Light

Fight darkness and watch your experience of darkness grow. Darkness is absolutely nothing. It is perceived no light. Nothing. It has no energy and, of course, no mass. But by fighting it we empower it with the energy of our attention. It grows, but only in our perception and experience.
We live in a world more and more dedicated to fighting darkness rather than appreciating and being grateful for the light. People who are focused on darkness have seized the moral high ground. Frauds and mountebanks all. These days government spends most of its (our!) money fighting darkness. Which is only and can only produce a greater experience of darkness.
Wealth and only wealth exists. Wealth is an avatar of light. Poverty is the perceived relative absence of wealth. Poverty does not exist. Fighting poverty is fighting darkness. Fighting poverty can only increase and spread the experience of poverty, struggle and hardship. If it continues we will experience total collapse.
APPRECIATION, folks. Appreciation and gratitude. It all begins there. Realize and build on what you have. It’s the only way. You can wish that you or others had more. But that will only hold you back.
Accept where you are. Love and appreciate where you are. Be in your now and watch it expand. Fill your now and watch it expand. If you are not fully in the now, don’t expect it to grow.
Be here now. What is is the way it really is. Appreciation is power. Judgment is failure.
Realize. Appreciate. Love. Laugh. Produce. Enjoy. Rejoice. NOW. And NOW.

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