Victim or Victor

Victim or victor?
That’s your choice NOW. Choose now. Victim or victor?
A step forward or stagnation?
Life or death?
Appreciation or denial?
Gratitude or self-pity?
It all starts here and now. Where you are with what you have. There is no not, no have not.
You are. You have. You can. Let all images of no value fall away. Let the reality of who you are emerge.
Cast down all images of nothingness. Light is. Darkness is just the perceived relative nonexistence of light.
Your good is. And is now. Appreciate it’s absolute perfection and fullness and watch it expand to another absolute perfection. Perfect and complete now and perfect and complete later.
You have ten dollars to your name now? Absolutely perfect and complete. You have one million dollars next year. The same perfection.
No judgments. Judge not lest you live your life filtered through your judgments. Judge not lest your experiences be limited by those judgments.
What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is limitation.
Realize, appreciate, love, enjoy, create, laugh, rejoice , expand.

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