Newtonian Gratitude

Well at least it’s better than ingratitude.

Over the past few months I have often written about gratitude and how crucial it is to happiness, success and growth. True. Be grateful for all the blessings and good stuff in your life. Realize and appreciate the people, abilities, opportunities and assets that are yours.

So what’s the? No problem. It does put you at effect rather than cause. The good stuff causes me to be appreciative and grateful. Realizing that I have so much makes me grateful. Your feelings of gratitude happen as a result of whatever. It’s a trap. Not much different from being a victim.

Take control! Be master of your own life and destiny. Be master of your own state of being.

CAUSE. Imperative. Cause. Take responsibility. Take back your power. Cause rather than effect. Be grateful. Be appreciative. Just be those. You can choose how you feel. You can choose how you feel. You can choose your state.

Now you are at cause. And effect comes next. Experiences will show up that match your state of being. Be joyful. Be happy. Be grateful. Be loving. Be kind.

Exist in a state that reflects what you would like already showing up. We don’t get what we want in life. We get what we are. This is the dynamic of those for whom everything they touch turns to gold. This is the key to doors opening.

Jesus said pray as if you already have the answer to your prayers. Gratitude and joy precede the miraculous. Bitterness, resentment, envy, jealousy, hatred are the way of the “loser”. They get the result of their prayers. For your emotions, your state of being are an important element of prayer.

Faith is the key to answered prayers, hopes, dreams. What does faith look like? Joy. Happiness. Kindness. Lightness. Right? If you tell somebody your problem and they say no problem I can handle that for you. Aren’t your spirits lifted immediately. Before they do a thing. That is, if you believe that person.

Be it now. Be joy. Be gratitude. Be at cause rather than effect. And watch everything fall into place.

Live, love, laugh, learn, grow, produce, enjoy, rejoice.


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