Universe Tuner

Universe Tuner
That’s you!
A tuner creating experiences from infinite possibilities.
The human eye can only see I very tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Absolute, scientific fact. Tiny, tiny, tiny. Indisputable.
But it gets even more interesting. The electromagnetic spectrum accounts for only approximately 0.005% of the matter in the universe.
We only experience a very small part of the possibilities offered by the infinite universe. Infinite energy collapses in different patterns of experienced reality for every single one of us.
Imagine an extraordinary super market that offers every single food item know to mankind. An amazing offering of nature’s bounty. Got the picture? You may have shopped in a market that comes close. Fact is some people will walk out with a bountiful selection and other will walk out with a couple of Twinkies (do they still make those?).
That’s the universe in which we live. Infinite energy offering infinite possibilities. For some that energy collapses as a Bentley and for others a run down, rusty old car.
Perspective equals experience. Perspective and expectations produce experience.
Observation and appreciation result in a totally different life experience than judgment, criticism and condemnation.
Do you observe and appreciate the is-ness of and in your life and proceed from there? Or do you judge then criticize and condemn your life. How do you experience your life? How do you perceive your life? Grumbling and whining? Or appreciating and reveling in the blessings.
Realization. Appreciation. Celebration. Expansion. Progress. Growth.
Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is. Quit judging away the is in your life.
Or not. The choice is yours
Create, live, love, laugh, enjoy, rejoice. Laugh.

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