Bad Outrageous Sick Ridiculous Insane

They’re all good. Or so some would have you believe.

Are you familiar with the work of Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto? He has documented the affects that words have on matter and reality. Words were spoken over and applied to vessels containing water that was all from the same source. The water was frozen and then the crystals were examined under a microscope. Words that were lovely, loving, beautiful produced crystals that were beautiful and whose structure was organized and complex. Ugly words and ugly thoughts created crystals that seemed to match those thoughts. Stark difference.

Same deal with cooked rice. The rice that was loved and appreciated stayed fresh a lot longer than the rice that was “hated”. Moldy and rotten.

What are you proclaiming over your life and your own body? Keep in mind that you are mostly water. So those water experiments should be of great interest to you.

What are you proclaiming over your life and those around you? All of the words in the title of this piece are now thrown around as though they were actually desirable. Decades ago “bad” began to be used to denote being admirable or desirable. Moe recently sick began to be an accolade. That car, dress, fill-in-the-blank is so sick. Really? It is the practice of calling something you like “sick” that is sick.

The same with insane. Insane is not good or desirable. It is insane that this has to be brought to anybody’s attention. Ridiculous and outrageous? Ridicule and outrage are typically not pursued by the sane.

Then there is the s word. All too many proclaim s**t over their lives numerous times a day. How could any semi-civilized person introduce such an image into their daily conversations? I often overhear somebody call their things s***. “I buy all my s*** there.” Now that’s insane. Actually buying that. Hope you don’t pay too much. And is it taxable? “I have to go pick up my s***”. Well that is considerate of you. Shouldn’t just leave it lying about.

Considering Dr. Emoto’s work, I think that the world would begin to improve by quantum leaps and bounds if people ceased use if this ugly, ugly word. And have you noticed that the world seems to be getting sicker, more ridiculous with more outrages. Insanity rules the day.

The world is run by words. Try to get anywhere in life without them. Thoughts have power. Expressing then has consequences.

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