Adventure or Problem OS

How do you see life? As a series of problems from which to be rescued? Or as an adventure to be embraced? Really? Are you being honest with yourself?

This is the basic choice that you face. Which operating system will be the foundation for your life and your future. One will lead to growth, success, prosperity and happiness. The other to stagnation, frustration, struggle and unhappiness.

Embracing life as an adventure and everything as a stepping stone propels you onward and upward. Seeing life as a problem from which to be rescued or protected is a worldview of failure and of the “loser”.

The world has been shifting more and more from adventure to problem mindset. And this is dragging our economy and society down, down, down. Are you part of the problem or are you part of the heroic solution? Are you sure?

Do you get excited by politicians who encourage people to see problems? Do you support the politician who offers the most to rescue people from their “problems”? Really? Geeez. I thought you new better.

Really?!?! Supporting politicians who offer to extricate people from the adventure that is their life. Condemning them to stagnation and frustration.

Glorious adventure. Or problem and struggle. Give no energy to the problem consciousness.

It’s all good.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Live, love, laugh. create, give, enjoy, realize. relax, rejoice

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