Like A Pair of Snug Jeans

Fully fill the present and watch it expand. Be Here Now. I spent much of my life either reliving the past or dreaming about the future. All the while stagnating and going nowhere. And wondering why! Your journey onward and upward begins where you are NOW. If you are in New York and want to go to LA, you can wish and dream all you want that you were already in Arizona. Not gonna help. All it will do is delay your arrival in California. You will never get there as long as you Keep whining about not being further along.

Suck it up and accept that you are in New York and have to go through Jersey. You will eventually get to LA. Before you know it.

Oh, the jeans. You’ve probably put on a pair of jeans fresh from being laundered and felt them a little snug. After a few wearing they have expanded and are a lot roomier. Be present and watch you and your life expand,

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