Believing Is Experiencing

What you see is what you live.

What you see is what you be.

What you be is what you see.

You can choose what you see and experience.  Choose wisely. Do you see wealth and provision or poverty? Blessings or problems? How high do you want to soar? How far do you want to go? Your consciousness is the only thing that will determine that. Your ego is the only thing that will get in the way.

The human eye can only see a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. And it is even more interesting. The electromagnetic spectrum accounts for about 0.005% of the estimated mass of the universe.

Got that? We can only see an eensy teensy infinitesimal percentage of what’s out there.

Light-visual information-enters our brains is edited by our temporal lobes before traveling onto our visual cortices. Studies suggest that what we end up experiencing as sight is half actual visual stimulus and half the filter of our expectations.

We live our lives filtered through our judgments. Judge not lest you live a life limited by your judgments.

And you judge everything. Don’t hand  me the I’m-not-judgmental crap. The only things you don’t judge are what you have already judged to be acceptable. You still insist that you are nonjudgmental? If that were the case, there would be nothing holding you back. You would always be experiencing the flow and infinite abundance of the universe. Total joy and success. The fact is you judge everything from traffic, weather, climate, bodily symptoms, your circumstances and the progress you are making to the wage of workers in China and Malaysia. Meet the filter and drag on your life.

Judge not lest ye be judged. BE. Not will be after this life. BE. Present tense. Now, ongoing. Be equals living. You are living your judgments. The good news is that it can all change when your judgments are curtailed.

If you truly were nonjudgmental you would be living in constant unbounded joy. Sadness, unhappiness, frustration, worry, fear, nervousness, envy, jealousy and other less than desirable feelings and states are always the result of your judgments. And your judgments always result in worry, fear, disappointment, frustration, anxiety and/or sadness. All of these impede your progress. They all drag you down. They all significantly lower your energy and vibrations.

Judgment is death. The death of your hopes, dreams, progress and joy. Slow, minute by minute, day by day, and emotionally agonizing. Judgment is darkness. All of the success programs and modalities that you have tried have resulted in less than stellar results. Because of the filter of your judgments.

Your judgments define your life. Definitions are limits. When you define “car” you draw a circle and say that everything within the circle is a car and everything without is not. In this way your judgments limit your life and block you from the infinite resources and abundance of the universe.

On the other hand is observation. Observation is power. Observation results in joy. Observation results in appreciation. Observation results in gratitude.  In this way observation raises your energy, your attitude, your outlook, your vibrations. Observation is lift. Judgment is drag. Observation brings lightness. Judgment brings heaviness. Observation is life. Observation is light. Judgment is darkness. Darkness is only judgment.


When you look at the world what do you see? Do you really see? Do you observe or do you judge? What do you see without your analysis? Without your opinion? Without your perspective? Without your judgment?

Observation is power. Live in observation and appreciation. And experience the growth, success and prosperity that follow. Do you see poverty and hardships? Or the infinite abundance, blessings and prosperity that is actually out there. Poverty is the ego’s judgment. Not enough. Not what I think should be.

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Observe, appreciate, live, grow, prosper, create, give, laugh

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