Constantly Negative News

Things are so much better than you imagine. Your mind has been poisoned. Your consciousness has been poisoned. With your full and complete cooperation. You are a very rare person if you are not sucking up

Constantly Negative News, consciousness poison.

You will hear 24/7 about everything that isn’t. You will hear about all the money, wealth, prosperity and provision that isn’t. The peace that isn’t. The opportunity that isn’t. The homes, healthcare and opportunities that people do not have. The food that isn’t. The life that no longer is.

The peace, prosperity, health and happiness that isn’t. It is pretty much all about what isn’t dressed up as urgent information that you must be up on. Tell me what people are creating. That’s what’s new!!

Are you addicted? Are you hooked on the stimulant of the negativity?

It’s dragging you down. It is taking you away from joy. It is taking you away from the positive mindset necessary for success and progress.

What is is the way it really is. What isn’t isn’t.

Success is thinking, being, acting in sync with the universe. The universe is all positive. It is the great is. All that is is the unverse. And the universe is all there is. That includes a whole lot. But there is no room in the is for the isn’t

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Live, love, create, give, do, be, have, enjoy, rejoice.


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