Want or Would Like

What do you really want? And what do you just would like? Big difference. Big, big difference.

So what is the difference? Would is a conditional. It’s a big “if”. If I thought I could. If it’s not too hard. If only somebody would help me. If I got lucky. If only this, that or the other thing would happen.

When you are thirsty you want something to drink. And yo go in search of it. Contrast that with a would like. You visit a friend not the least bit thirsty. Friend asks if you would like some of his freshly made fruit punch. You had never given a thought to that item and don’t have much interest in it. It becomes a matter of “if”. If you don’t want to offend your friend. If you want to be convivial. If you want to have a new experience.

Would like and want. One easy way to tell the difference. Are you taking steps to move toward it? If you truly desire something you take steps to move toward it. You pay the price in time, energy, money.

Most people would like millions of dollars. But don’t really want it. The would like it if somebody would hand it to them. If they thought they could get it. If, if, if.

Want to you truly desire? What are you actively moving toward? Another evening of television? Hanging out with friends?

Decide what you want and keep moving.

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