Negativity Is Only A Thought

The negative is only a thought. The negative can only be a thought. No mistake about it, once thought it can most definitely wreak havoc on your life. And it is just a thought. To be dismissed. To be cast down and abandoned.

It is the positive that is real. Only is is. Light is. Darkness is only the perceived relative nonexistence of light. Darkness does not exist. Health is real. Illness is only the perceived relative nonexistence of health. Not enough health, vitality, energy. And there is only health, energy. So and so is dying? NO! They  are living.Dying is a judgment, an opinion. There is only life.

Wealth is real. There is only wealth. Poverty is the judgment of not enough. Wealth is stuff. The flow of stuff, the experience of stuff. There is only stuff. Non-stuff can only exist in the mind. An idea to be cast down and abandoned.

Positive is real. That’s why it is so much more powerful, useful and conducive to success. It is real. You dreams and hopes are. They are real and positive. It is your “not haves” that are not. Get rid of the images of not and allow room for the is to manifest in your experience. The not in your consciousness cannot exist alongside the is that that you want. Choose.

What is is the way it really is. Observation and appreciation are powerful. Judgment is weakness. Observation and appreciation are success. Judgment is failure.

Realize, appreciate, create, give, love, laugh, smile. Dream. Some more. Cast down images of nonexistence. Celebrate.

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