What You See Is What We Get

What you see is what you get. What you judge is what you experience. Judge not lest you live a life filtered through your judgment. We are now living in a world that seems to be spinning out of control. Spiraling downward in an accelerating turbulent vortex.

All there is out there is wealth, stuff, provision. All you see, all you have ever seen all you will ever see is wealth. Big wealth. Little wealth. Stuff. What is is the way it really is. People are becoming more focused on what isn’t. A hysterical crescendo of negativity. And all that is and can ever be is positive. It is the awareness and consciousness of the negative, the not, that is behind all the disturbing and unpleasant headlines. If the trend of negativity continues collapse, total economic and social collapse, is assured. And still all that will ever be is the positive. It is only people’s experiences that will be hell on earth.

I see poor people. Poor people everywhere. Is that your mantra? It is to most people. It is the constant theme of the news media (from what I gather, I never pay attention to those mongers of the what isn’t). It is the major tool that politicians use to manipulate and pander to people.

Appreciation and gratitude. And the growth, success and happiness that result. Or negative consciousness and its darkness, struggle, stagnation and decline. Always the choice.

Having is real. Stuff is real. Everywhere stuff. Trees, sky, clouds, grass, cars, buildings big and small, houses, skyscrapers, huts, clothes, computers, toys, furniture, crops, gems and metals. On and on and on. Stuff. Wealth. You see it. Poverty is a concept. The ego creation of the isn’t. Isn’t and haven’t. Is not and have not. And all that is and all that is real, is the is. What is is the way it really is.

Our society is descending into an orgy of poverty consciousness with an attendant increasing poverty experience. If this continues total collapse and horror will result. The majority of people are more and more experiencing poverty, hardship and struggle. They have been more and more manipulated into a consciousness of lack and the negative. They have allowed themselves to fall prey to media and politicians who are using them for their own power and advancement.

The expanding negative consciousness is driving policies and programs based on this expanding darkness. It can be no other way. Politics and government policy is an expression of the dominant consciousness. As people are becoming more poverty and lack conscious and focused, policy becomes aligned to produce the confirmation of that way of thinking. Poverty consciousness results in poverty programs which must produce a greater experience of poverty.

Do you see poverty? Or do you appreciate wealth? Do you get sucked in by the political poverty pimps? Poverty programs, all poverty programs, are based on a poverty consciousness and can only produce a greater experience of poverty. Period. No two ways about it. Poverty programs will ALWAYS increase poverty. How could it be any other way? And then the increased experience of poverty intensifies the poverty experience which demands more poverty relief which increases the poverty experience. Which produces greater demands for relief. Which increases miser which…..

Let’s break this cycle before total collapse

Will you insist on seeing the not of poverty? Or will you steadfastly hold to your vision of abundance and prosperity? Will you realize, experience and appreciate wealth and abundance. Will you see what is? Or will you create visions of what isn’t? After you have created them will you cast them aside?

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgments of poverty are weakness.

Live, create, give, laugh, smile, enjoy, rejoice. Rinse and repeat.


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