The Moving Sidewalk of the Universe

Flow. Being in the flow. Moving in the flow. Things come together. Progress is effortless. Easy. Being in a state of grace. Being inn sync with the infinite and infinitely abundant universe.

Being in sync with the universe. Success, progress and growth are always the result of being in sync with the Great Is that is the universe. How fast and easy is a function of what degree you are in line with the is of the universe. Do you go kicking and screaming. DO you dig you heals in. Do you jump off the great moving universal sidewalk? Or perhaps run in the opposite direction as do the majority of people.

All success and growth are a function of being in sync with the is of the universe. Truth. Success is a function of moving in agreement with truth. 2 + 2 + 4 is in sync with the reality of the universe. It is success. Adding two plus two and arriving at five is a mistake, not a success because it is out of sync with the universe. 2 +2 = 4 is. 2 + 2 + 5 isn’t.

Flow is simply a matter of surrendering to the all and absolutely positive universe. Peace, joy, excitement, confidence. The universe is absolutely 100% positive. The universe is all that there is and all that there is is the universe. There is room for everything in that definition form the galaxies to the most basic subatomic particles. Planes, trains and automobiles. All part of the universe. Houses, skyscrapers, huts, cabins, dollhouses. Part of the universe. You and I and your neighbor’s dog. All this and more fits in the universe.

There is one thing and only one thing that does not fit in the universe. The negative. Nonexistence. There is no room in the great is for the isn’t. The negative with no mass, no volume and n energy cannot fit in the infinite universe. Absolutely no room for the isn’t in the is. There is no nonexistence in existence.

All your thoughts of nonexistence, the negative, are out of sync with the universe. They are the creation oif your ego. Nonexistence is all that your ego can create. Existence has already been created. The ego cannot stand the idea of existence that is independent of ego. Ego’s judgments, comparisons and analyses produce the out-of-sync negatives.

Realization and appreciation. Or ego’s analysis and judgment. Flow, growth and joy. Frustration, stagnation, angst..

Observation is power. Observation, realization, appreciation, expansion. FLOW. Judgment is weakness.

Appreciate, enjoy, produce, give, love, move, laugh, love, rejoice


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