The Burden of Judgment

We live in an absolutely perfect world screwed up by people who are too blind to see the perfection. And in their darkness and ignorance, they act in a way incompatible with the reality of that perfection. Which is wrong, a mistake. This is everybody, on an individual micro level, acting in their own lives. And the body politic that is totally obsessed with whining about problems rather than realizing the reality of blessings.
And no matter how much people screw things up, it is all perfect and perfectly positive. All that people can ever really screw up is the experiencing of reality, not reality itself. All they can screw up is consciousness. People can just create a greater focus on and experience of the negative. But not the negative. We cannot create the negative. The negative is nonexistence and nonexistence does not exist.
Judge not lest you live your life filtered through your judgments. Your judgments define your world for you. Repeat: Your judgments define your world for you. The composite of your judgments define the world in which you will live. Your judgments will define your experiences, your life, your challenges and your future.
Your judgments define your world, therefore defining your life. And what is a definition? A definition is a limit. The definition of a car sets the limits of a car. Everything within that definition, within that limit, is a car. Everything beyond that limit is not a car. A definition is a limit. Your skin defines you. Everything within that skin is you. Everything outside that skin is not you.
Your judgments define the world for you, therefore setting your limits and determining the struggles that you will face in going beyond those limits. There is power and expansion in simply observing. And there is limitation and struggle in judgment.
How positive are you willing to be? How high are you willing to soar? You can only soar as high and as far as you are positive. You can only be as positive as your view of the world is positive. DO you see a world of blessings to be appreciated? Or problems to somehow be solved?
Observation leads to appreciation, then joy and possibilities. Observation is of the positive is-ness of reality and the universe. Judgment is the ego’s creation of negativity., the superimposing its negative on the reality of the positive.
Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.
Observe. Appreciate. Rejoice. Enjoy. Rejoice.


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