god Of Your Isn’t

God is and He is God of the is. He is light. Darkness is the perceived relative absence of light. In Him there is no darkness as darkness does not exist but is only perceived. Only created by the ego. A consequence of our judgment. Judge not lest ye live a life filtered by your judgment.

God is light in Him there is no darkness. God is and in Him there is no isn’t. Isn’t is the creation of man’s mind. The universe, God’s creation is totally, absolutely 100% positive. Created by Him, out of Him in whom there is no darkness, no isn’t.

The universe is positive. The universe is all that is. And all that is is the universe. That includes a whole lot. Except the isn’t. The universe has room for everything from the galaxies to the speck of dust floating around your nose. But it has no room for the negative. With no mass, no volume and no energy the negative doesn’t fit in the great is that is the universe.

Now you know why a positive attitude and approach is far superior to its negative counterpart. A positive consciousness is conducive to success, prosperity, progress and growth because it meshes with the positive nature of the universe. Negativity is out of phase and in opposition to the mighty universe. That’s pretty scary. You can oppose many forces and come out ahead. Your boss, parents, society, the government. But you can’t run and you can’t hide from the universe.

God is and He is God of the is and not the isn’t. When you go off into the isn’t of your mind’s creation you are on your own. Do not go there.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness. What is is the way it really is.

Observe, appreciate, give thanks, create, give, laugh, love, enjoy. Rejoice always.

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