Nothing Missing Nothing Broken

God is good. God is good all the time and all the time God is good. All the rest is foolish images.

God creates the is. We perceive and experience the isn’t. God creates the have. We perceive and experience the haven’t. God is and creates the can. We all too often focus on and live the can’t.

God is light and we all too frequently choose to live and move in darkness. And darkness does not exist. There is only light, as darkness is only the perceived nonexistence of light and, as such, does not exist.

God creates the good. We perceive the not good. And in that way we know God’s good and man’s not good. We know and experience good and not good. The knowledge of good and not good. Or good and evil.

God creates and creates and creates. He gives and gives and gives. And we, each in our individual way, have knowledge and, therefore experience, of what isn’t. In our minds it is never enough. When we turn our focus from Him there is always something missing.   Always something. Even though He left us His shalom: nothing missing, nothing broken.


He is the I AM. In Him there is no darkness.  In Him there is no nonexistence.  When we turn from Him we will always experience something missing.  And He left us His peace: nothing missing, nothing broken. The peace that passes all understanding.

What is is the way it really is. Isn’t comes from the ego’s judgment. Observation is power and growth. Judgment is weakness.

Live, love, create, produce, laugh, enjoy, relax, rejoice.

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