Flow or Stagnation

Wealth is a fact. It’s real. Poverty is a perception. Fact: I have this, you have that. Wealth.  Real, observable. Perception: I do not have.  Not having is the nonexistence of having and as such does not exist and is not real. Not having can only be perceived and then experienced.

Poverty is a product of the ego’s judgment as to what should, could, would be.

Having is part of the positive is-ness of the universe. Aligning your consciousness with the reality of the universe’s is-ness puts you in alignment with the infinite and mighty universe. Allowing yourself to be conscious of the not of lack puts you in opposition to the abundant is of the universe.

Flow or blockage? That’s the choice. That’s your choice at every moment, every juncture. Realization and gratitude. Or judgment of not and suffering. Why cut yourself off from the flow of the universe? Why cut yourself off from progressive prosperity, growth, success and abundance. Choose. Choose wisely. Choose joyously.

Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Realize, appreciate, celebrate. Love, live, create, give, laugh, rejoice. Enjoy. Celebrate. NOW. NOW. NOW!!!!!!!!!!! IS is. Isn’t isn’t.

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