Nation of Negative

The politics and government of negativity is dragging this country down. More and more people are experiencing, hardship and struggle. If left unchecked this negativity-caused decline will lead, must lead to collapse. There is hope. Rejecting government of, by and for the negative and embracing the positive will produce a dramatic change for the better and result in never ending progress, prosperity and abundance. Positive is progressive. The negative is regressive and destructive. Who can argue? As long as we are driven by the current negativity-driven policies, we can expect more of the same.

It is universally accepted that a positive outlook, an appreciative and grateful mindset and approach to life is the foundation and fountainhead of success, growth, prosperity and progress. And that a negative consciousness is a sure formula for failure, stagnation and decline. The positive realizes, appreciates and builds on what is. The negative is focused on the worthless isn’t. The negative is the nonexistent. The nonexistence of something or other. Aligning oneself with the nonexistent negative is a death sentence. It can be no other way. The nonexistent has no being, no value, no energy and has nothing to give in return. It is a deadly black hole.

We are being held back by the dominant negativity outlook. It has become all about the not. All about what isn’t. A sure formula for failure and frustration. As the negative is the nonexistence or nothingness of something, it literally does not exist and can only be perceived and then experienced. It cannot be created or destroyed only perceived. Attempting to destroy or diminish it is a waste of time and resources. Waging war against the negative can only and, in fact, does destroy value that does exist.

The positive always realizes, appreciate and is grateful for the value that is. This is the dynamic for growth and success.

We have thrown our treasure and our future into the voracious black hole of negativity. We have spent and continue to spend trillions on the negative. Borrowed trillion, taxed trillions. Our fortune and our future. The future of generations to come. Thrown into the black hole of negativity. Insanity itself.

All of the nation’s energy and consciousness is focused on not having, not being and not doing. A total negative focus. It has become a focus to the point of obsession with the negative. It’s all about what people do not have and what is not. Not having this that or the other thing. Not having enough money for something or other. And negation focus has progressively expanded. There was time when poor meant not having food or a roof over one’s head. Then it came to mean not having as much as most others. Then not having all that modern technology has to offer. There are those who have progressed to the point of saying that 99% are poor despite all that they might have.

Success, growth, progress and prosperity are a function of realizing, appreciating and focusing on the positive, what is. Poverty is the nonexistence of wealth or provision. It cannot be destroyed. Attempting to do so can only destroy wealth. The nations only hope is to focus on and celebrate wealth and those who create it. There is no other way. A one hundred eighty degree turn from the negative to the positive will give us a never ending increase in wealth prosperity and progress. Continuing to war against poverty, and wealth, will bring collapse, chaos and extraordinary suffering.

Positive good, negative bad. What’s so hard to understand about that? Problems or blessings? You make your choice when you choose on how you frame your view. It all flows from that.

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