Love Never Fails

So the Bible says. I used to have a big problem with that. I had seen love fail to do a lot of good stuff. What gives?

Power failure. Know what that is? Ever experience one? Hear about one? Keep that it mind.

Does electrical power ever fail to get a job done? Oh, yeah! Try to cut a diamond with a jigsaw. Fail, fail, fail. Try an electric oven. Fail. An electric light? Nah. You could come up with a zillion examples of electricity failing to get some job done. A refrigerator ain’t gonna bake a cake. No matter how big it is or how much electricity it uses. There are many other, less ridiculous, examples of electricity failing to get a job done.

OK, just as electricity can fail to get a job done, love can fail to achieve some goal of yours. But unlike electricity love doesn’t fail. Electrical power failure. What’s that? The electricity goes out. Nada. No power. A power line goes down. Or whatever. No power. Electrical failure.

Knowing what electrical power failure is does that give you an insight into how love never fails? Love never goes out. Love doesn’t fail in that it doesn’t quit. If you love somebody, your love doesn’t fail if they are short with you. Or forget your birthday. Or in some of a million ways manage to annoy you. Love never fails.

Love never goes out. It might change its expression as the situation changes but it does not fail. It comes through.


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