A Succession of Is

God is and he is god of the is. He is god of the is and not the isn’t. One thing that the almighty and infinite creator and master of the universe cannot do is be or create the isn’t. That is man’s department. Only man can create the isn’t. And that only in his own mind, his own thoughts, his own perceptions.

Your life has been a series of is(s). A glorious and beautiful series of is(s) clouded by, seasoned by, hampered by, darkened by your self-created isn’t(s). Your is(‘s) are part of the abundant and infinite flow of the universe. Your indulgences in your ego’s isn’t(s) are stepping out of that flow.

Whenever you are off in the wilderness and darkness of your isn’t you are cut off from the power and the flow. You are cut off and on your own. Good luck!

Your life has been a series of is(s). Things you did, experiences you had, places you were, things you had, bought, were given, things you felt, things you thought, people you knew, meals you ate, things you saw, things you heard. Etc. Many times you got bogged down in your isn’t. Think of all the toys you had as a child (and now as an adult). Those are is(s). Those havings are real. If you are like most people, there are toys that you experienced not having. And it was just an experience. You fretted or mopped over not having the latest must have toy. That was an experience based on your perception. The reality was that you had whatever toys you had. Make a list of all the things that you had as a child. That’s reality.

With every one of your isn’t perceptions you lost a little bit of life. You experienced darkness. Some sadness, frustration, anger, envy, jealousy, fear, worry. You’re perception of isn’t kept you out of the flow of the universe which is the great is. There is no isn’t in the is. And the universe is the totality of the is.

With every one of your isn’t perceptions you lost a little bit of life. And still all that there is is the is!

Make a list of all your is(s) from the time you were a child, from the time you were born. Nothing but a solid unbroken succession of is. Yes, clouded by your isn’t perceptions. But only a reality of is. A reality of is plus useless perceptions of isn’t

What is is the way it really is. Observation is power. Judgment is weakness.

Observe the is. Appreciate the is. Celebrate the is. Move into a greater experience of is. That is more abundance. More health and vitality. More joy. More better relationships.

Live, create, be, do have. Rejoice and enjoy

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